London's Best Restaurants For Social Distancing

There's no two ways about it: the country's drinking and dining scene will be facing a very new norm for the foreseeable future. Sharing? A big no-no. Cashless payments? Hells yes. But the number one, non-negotiable rule is social distancing. With that in mind, we've come up with our pick of the best restaurants for social distancing in London.


Combining alfresco drinking, street food and lawn games, this gorgeous East London rooftop bar is helping you get through the summer months in style. An open air dining destination, you'll be able to keep within social distancing protocols, and have a little fun with it too.

BrewDog Bars In London

BrewDog has been our knight in shining armour throughout lockdown, making sanitisers to keep us clean and hosting online pub events to inject some fun into our evenings. So it comes as no surprise that they've been working to make their sites social distance-friendly to ensure that we can get our paws on their juicy burgers, pizzas and craft brews.