Cool and Quirky Events in London

Forget making small talk over your dinner date or blowing candles out with anything less than a glitter-filled brunch, because London is bringing the biggest and the kookiest parties to your proceedings. We've visited London's wackiest and weirdest spots, had a nosy at alternative nightlife, and sourced secret pop-ups to bring you a list of cool and quirky things to do. Whether you want cabaret, immersive supper clubs, or off-kilter theatre, this list will make sure that no London night out is ever normal again. 

Last updated on 12th November 2018

7 events @ Secret London Location with 7 upcoming dates from 08 Dec 2018 until 15 Jun 2019

It's time to add a big old dose of disco to your brunching habits. The hottest new monthly event to take over London is this party event that pops up in a secret location each time, bringing with it bottomless cocktails, disco tunes and plenty of fun.

  Alcotraz - Prison Cocktail Bar

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@ Alcotraz Penitentiary on Various dates from Wednesday 21st November 2018

Prison isn't too bad when you've got cocktails. Sneak your favourite bottle of alcohol into this high security prison and one of the inmates will shake you up something special. But in this immersive drinking experience, there's only one thing: you can't get caught!

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Valid on the following dates: 07/11/2018, 14/11/2018, 21/11/2018 and 28/11/2018.

@ The Hidden Spirit Ship on Various dates from Thursday 22nd November 2018

This immersive experience from the makers of Alcotraz will have you hook line and sinker as you go on an undercover voyage to steal long lost treasure from the grasps of the governor. Set on board a real ship, this 1 hour and 40 minute drinking adventure will throw you in the deep end, with three cocktails and a stunning storyline. 

  Divine Proportions

22 user reviews 3

@ The Vaults on Tuesday 20th November 2018 and 4 other dates

One of the most exciting events coming to London this year, this night of opulence and amazing performances will let you feast like a goddess at this theatrical dinner party with a heavenly twist.

8 events @ St Martin-in-the-Fields with 8 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 16 Mar 2019

Immerse yourselves in the sounds of Vivaldi and Handel as the London Musical Arts Ensemble and talented director John Landor bring it to life in the beautiful church setting lit by stunning candles.

  The Greatest Snowman

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@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Wednesday 21st November 2018

Are you ready for something great this winter? Head to the elusive Pedley Street Station and join the mysterious Ed Snow for an evening of immersive performances, MasterChef dining and welcome drinks aboard the most unique train you'll ever see.

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Valid on the following dates: 21/11/2018, 22/11/2018, 23/11/2018, 24/11/2018, 25/11/2018, 27/11/2018, 28/11/2018, 29/11/2018 and 30/11/2018.

@ Moonshine Saloon on Various dates from Wednesday 21st November 2018

Head to the Wild West world of Fulham for this cowboy pop up where the choice of booze is entirely up to you. Smuggle in your favourite bottle of hooch and let some expert mixologists whizz you up some stunning cocktails at this cool and quirky London event.

20 events @ Secret London Location with 20 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 29 Jun 2019

Promising an off-the-chain daytime event of nostalgic merriment, The 90s Brunch gang invite you to Be Dope, Be Awesome for their retro-themed party. To start with there's to be an hour of bottomless Mimosas, as well as a delicious spread of 90s inspired grub served in sharing platter style. There's a full-on 90s dress up box, a playlist of the most poppin' classics from the decade and prizes for the winner of the lip-sync battles.

34 events @ Secret London Location with 34 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 29 Jun 2019

For an afternoon full of delicious cocktails and even better Southern-inspired food, head to the Hip Hop Brunch, an event that'll completely change the way you see lazy Saturday afternoons. Alongside an amazing dining experience, guests will have the chance to unwind to the sound of their favourite urban tracks and even practice spitting lyrics in a Hip Hop Karaoke session. As fun-loving events go, this is definitely near the top of the list.  

  Ice Karting

14 user reviews 3

@ Queens: Skate-Dine-Bowl on Tuesday 20th and Tuesday 27th November 2018

Those young at heart wll appreciate this cool and quirky event in west London. On certain Tuesdays and Sundays at Queen's, you can experience go-karting on ice, before chowing down on the burgers or soaking up the cocktails at resident MEATLiquor.

@ Radisson Blu Bloomsbury Street Hotel on Various dates from Thursday 22nd November 2018

Join Basil, Sybil and Manuel for a shambolic evening of dining as the incredibly popular immersive theatre event returns for 2018. Based on the hit TV show, the night will be just as funny, only this time you're one of the guests.

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17 events @ XOYO with 17 upcoming dates from 15 Nov 2018 until 05 Feb 2019

Promising live choirs, epic 16-piece orchestras and live performers aplenty, Reimagine retell the stories of some of music history's biggest and brightest names including Dr Dre, Lauryn Hill and Daft Punk! 

  The Candlelight Club

176 user reviews 4

@ The Candlelight Club on Various dates from Friday 14th December 2018

Take yourself back to the bygone days of the 1920s and indulge in a little Golden Age excess courtesy of The Candlelight Club. Champions of atmospheric dining and candlelit suppers, these guys revive the Jazz Age like never before. Dress your dapper best and prepare to jive on the dance floor to the smooth sounds of Jazz. 

7 events @ The London Cabaret Club with 71 upcoming dates from 21 Mar 2017 until 27 Jul 2019

You haven't seen Cabaret like this before – The London Cabaret Club dives into the rich cultural history of Britain to present a night of sophisticated live entertainment. From shows about the nature of London to the a celebration of British musical history, these original shows are memorable experiences, and all take place while you dine on delicious food.

3 events @ 2 venues with 101 upcoming dates from 12 Nov 2018 until 04 Jan 2019

Jimmy Garcia is something of a dab hand when it comes to putting on a festive spread in London, and he's back for more this winter. Giving it even more alpine welly along the Thames, join him at Southbank for plates of stunning venison, dining in an igloo and that all important fondue.

16 events @ 9 venues with 61 upcoming dates from 25 Jan 2017 until 12 Dec 2019

Raucous fun from the first minute, Sounds Familiar is more of a rowdy disco than a pub quiz. There's no need for sneaky Wikipedia checks on your smartphone here, your task is to identify the name and artist of famous songs instead. You'll be up on the tables, dancing and belting out the tunes in no time at all.

12 events @ 3 venues with 388 upcoming dates from 30 Dec 2017 until 09 Mar 2019

Ever wanted to drink bottomless cocktails from an old nana's teapots? Well here's your chance. From afternoon cocktail parties to 90s-inspired hangouts, tropical getaways to Spice Girl sing-a-longs, this kitsch hideaway has it all.

4 events @ 4 venues with 124 upcoming dates from 12 Nov 2018 until 31 Dec 2018

Handmade Mysteries create twisted escape rooms for people looking for a pulse-racing, brain-teasing, immersive experience. Based in London's finest drinking establishments, your game host will introduce your team to a series of bizarre contraptions and mysterious misfits. Will you win and cry for joy? Or lose, and just cry? 

6 events @ 3 venues with 186 upcoming dates from 12 Nov 2018 until 31 Dec 2018

One of the best gaming experiences in London this August, The VR Concept are coming to a pub near you so prepare shoot, fly and challenge your friends at one of these interactive VR events.

6 events @ DNA VR with 180 upcoming dates from 12 Nov 2018 until 21 Dec 2018

For a quirky day out, try this virtual reality experience that lets you escape to other worlds. Whether it's conquering Everest, travelling to the Moon or surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, you can do it all at DNA VR.

@ Trapped Escape Rooms on Various dates from Monday 19th November 2018

This is not your typical night out - head over to Whitechapel to spend an hour trying to escape the living dead. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie involves being locked in a room with a zombie and having to complete a series of puzzles and challenges to escape.

@ Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club on Monday 10th December 2018 and 3 other Mondays

This cool and quirky London life-drawing class goes beyond some naked dude on a chaise. Try your hand at sketching some of the city's finest cabaret and burlesque performers at this super fun event in South London.

2 events @ Quaker Street with 18 upcoming dates from 12 Nov 2018 until 29 Nov 2018

With tickets from just £20, this unique virtual reality experience is something you just shouldn't miss. Head to Shoreditch, where the country's first ever VR haunted house has arrived to immerse you in a sinister world, where zombie apocalypses and spooky goings-on await.

24 events @ Kansas Smitty's with 26 upcoming dates from 13 Nov 2018 until 24 Jan 2019

As the home of live music and jazz, Kansas Smitty's doesn't miss a beat when it comes to a night out in Hackney. from their julep cocktails through to the talented array of live musicians, Kansas Smitty's is making every night a great one.

5 events @ 4 venues with 26 upcoming dates starting on 13 Nov 2018

Disco Yoga is coming to London. This cool and quirky event combines yoga moves to disco classics such as Diana Ross and The Jackson Five, plus there's even super healthy cocktails. Get ready for your weekend in the healthiest possible way.

  The Big London Bake

230 user reviews 5

@ The Castle Tooting on Various dates from Wednesday 21st November 2018

Perfect for any amateur bakers out there, The Big London Bake is a quirky event taking place this summer, revolving around all the yeast-based fun of baking. Guests will be set a number of challenges by the event's talented professionals in order to find out who is London's true star baker.  Will you rise above the rest or crumble under the pressure of this quirky event.

3 events @ 2 venues with 68 upcoming dates from 14 Nov 2018 until 01 Jun 2019

Offering one of the best immersive nights out in London, take yourself back to 1950s Havana with this gorgeous new pop up at Tobacco Dock. Surrounded by rum cocktails and delicious Cuban street food, it's the perfect way to give yourself a taste of warmer climes this winter.

9 events @ The Exhibit with 22 upcoming dates starting on 14 Nov 2018

It isn't just brunch at the Exhibit: they have everything from Drag Queen spectaculars, to all-day-and-night disco parties, to cinema screenings with food. It's nearly impossible to be bored here. 

  The Medieval Banquet

7 user reviews 4

@ The Ivory Vaults on Various dates from Wednesday 21st November 2018

Tuck into something a little ye olde in London with one of the most unique events in the city, The Medieval Banquet. From social feasting in unique vaults, to jugglers, performers, and King Henry himself, this roaring affair is sure to be a night to remember, and most definitely a trip back through time. 

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Valid on any dates between 05/01/2019 and 30/03/2019.

10 events @ Aeronaut with 81 upcoming dates starting on 14 Nov 2018

Offering some of the most cool and quirky events in London, Aeronaut brings you some of the kookiest goings-on. From mad cabaret to stunning circus and comedy brunches, there's always something fun happening at this great Acton bar.

5 events @ Top Secret Comedy Club with 250 upcoming dates starting on 14 Nov 2018

Promising some of the hottest acts on the circuit and the freshest names in comedy, the Top Secret Comedy club is all about big laughs, cheap drinks and entry prices that won't break the bank. Only those in the know can get tickets (consider yourself in the know as of now), and the event takes place from their 'top secret' hideaway on Drury Lane. Just keep it schtum, okay?

3 events @ 2 venues with 60 upcoming dates from 15 Nov 2018 until 22 Dec 2018

Fulham's Thameside beach has had an Alpine makeover, bringing your Instagram feeds the perfect sprinkle of winter magic. Head to Winterland to curl up on fur-lined sofas with a mulled wine and some fondue, and then take part in some of their festive activities, whether it be belting out Mariah or having a whirl at some curling. 

  Gospeloke East London

31 user reviews 4

@ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on Various dates from Tuesday 18th December 2018

A gospel choir and karaoke – two concepts you didn't know you needed until right now. Described as Sister Act meets Top of the Pops, you'll be able to sing out classic songs with the backing of a full Gospel Choir. That's as awesome as it sounds. There's also confessionals, congregation participation, team harmonies and tonnes of singalongs.

2 events @ The Prince of Wales Brixton with 2 upcoming dates starting on 16 Nov 2018

Every trip to the Prince of Wales is bound to be memorable and it isn't all to do with their amazing rooftop party space and amazing clubroom: it's also because they attract some of the best DJs in town.

16 events @ 12 venues with 42 upcoming dates starting on 16 Nov 2018

It's big, it's messy and it's hella fun; this is one of London's best club nights and it's bringing a whole host of mad events. Join Supa Dupa Fly as they host their legendary RnB night across some of the city's best venues.

@ The Candlemaker on Every Saturday

Brunch just got a bit more mental. Mix bottomless Bloody Marys, Mimosas & Bubbles with some hella tasty brunch dishes and then throw in some of the outrageous antics from the host herself Tina Turner Tea Lady. She will be sassing the whole quirky event in London up with some typically boozy bingo games. 

8 events @ 4 venues with 110 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 31 Mar 2019

Flight Club is a cool and quirky thing to do in London as not only is it one of the most fun places to hang out normally, their brunch parties are amazing, filled with bottles of prosecco, great food, and their innovative social darts that everyone's raving about.

11 events @ Secret London Location with 11 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 20 Apr 2019

Get your brunch with a West End twist, as you experience 1.5 hours of bottomless booze, tasty brunch dishes, performances from West End stars and five whole hours of show tunes to keep the brunch party going.

7 events @ 3 venues with 7 upcoming dates from 17 Nov 2018 until 18 Mar 2019

From Lauryn Hill to Marvin Gaye, this series of live music events brings together some of the finest musicians to pay tribute to some of history's greatest artists and genres.

@ Concrete on Various dates from Thursday 22nd November 2018

If you're looking for something a bit alternative, how about you try bingo with a twist: Musical Bingo! With a monthly changing theme, there's even more of a chance to hear your favourite song, and with some mystery rounds and lots of pizza, you are in for a good night.

12 events @ The King's Head Member's Club with 12 upcoming dates from 23 Nov 2018 until 29 Nov 2019

Taking over the wild members' club The King's Head, Gin House Burlesque is a night of fun and tantalising performances. The twisty turny club is transformed by seductive and intimate performances by old-school show girls who are bringing the glamour to East London.

@ Simulacra Studio - 302-304 Barrington Rd SW9 7JJ on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November 2018

Malice Arts are back with their most ambitious project yet. Fusing Narnia and The Matrix this unique event offers guests a journey through the two worlds via the mediums of music, dance, theatre and interactive technology.

  Strictly Come Drag Queen

45 user reviews 5

@ Dr Kluger's Olde Town Tavern on Saturday 24th November 2018 and 2 other Saturdays

Taking place in the secret den of Dr Kluger's Olde Town Tavern, Strictly Come Drag promises to blow away your January blues. The event will be filled to the brim with brunch food from the Breakfast Club, bottomless booze and some of London's finest drag acts lip syncing and battling their way to Drag act of the day.

2 events @ Brunel Museum, Engine House, Underground Grand Entrance Hall & Roof Garden with 7 upcoming dates from 24 Nov 2018 until 14 Dec 2018

Head to the roof of the Brunel Museum for one of these cool and quirky London events. The Midnight Apothecary will be popping up once again in the museum's rooftop garden for campfires, cocktails and delicious street food.

4 events @ 3 venues with 6 upcoming dates from 24 Nov 2018 until 01 Feb 2019

Fiddle Pardididdle are putting a bit of quirky Scottish fun back into your London night out. The live music band will be leading you through the steps to a ceilidh for a hilarious and fun evening.

1 events @ Secret London Location with 1 upcoming dates starting on 25 Nov 2018

Afrobeat N Brunch is one of the coolest events you need to know about, with an hour of bottomless cocktails, three delicious courses of African food, and the hottest afrobeat talent providing the soundtrack.

6 events @ 5 venues with 6 upcoming dates from 28 Nov 2018 until 19 Dec 2018

Learn how to design like a professional at these cool workshops, where Nicole Line will teach you how to use equipment, where to source materials and how to set up a studio space at home, all while mixing with similarly creative people.

  Access All Areas

10 user reviews 5

@ Secret East London Venue on Sunday 16th December 2018 and 3 other dates

If you're looking for something a little different, head to this top secret London location where an evening of live music awaits. Not only can you attend an exclusive listening session by one of London's top record labels, but you can get your hands on prosecco, goodie bags and access to a VIP after party.