Immersive Dining in London

Be done with bog-standard scoffing and try something totally outlandish instead. With no shortage of unique dining experiences in London, you could be chowing down amongst Medieval masters, ploughing through plates at the circus or indulging in a three course meal in the Wild West; this city knows no bounds when it comes to bringing you something totally unique to the table. Check out our recommendations for the very best immersive dining experiences and restaurants in London.

Last updated on 17th January 2020

@ Masquerade Palace on Various dates from Tuesday 28th January 2020

A unique new production for London's immersive theatre scene, The Invitation is taking over Bethnal Green's Town Hall Hotel for a unique series of performances. Get your ticket to this masked ball, where, when tragedy strikes, it's you chance to become a part of the action.

  The Murdér Express

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@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Wednesday 22nd January 2020

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Valid on the following dates: 10/01/2020, 15/01/2020, 16/01/2020, 17/01/2020, 22/01/2020, 23/01/2020, 24/01/2020, 29/01/2020, 30/01/2020, 31/01/2020, 02/02/2020, 05/02/2020, 06/02/2020, 07/02/2020, 09/02/2020, 12/02/2020, 13/02/2020, 14/02/2020, 16/02/2020, 19/02/2020, 20/02/2020, 21/02/2020, 23/02/2020, 26/02/2020, 27/02/2020 and 28/02/2020.

The ultimate immersive dining experience, a journey aboard The Murdér Express promises a night of rip-roaring entertainment, 1930s style.  As you tuck into a delicious four-course menu (crafted by MasterChef champion Jane Devonshire), a horrific crime is uncovered, and suddenly no one is safe. Help the detective solve the crime and you may just make it home safe... if you're lucky.

  The Greatest Brunch

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@ Secret London Location on Saturday 25th January 2020 and 22 other Saturdays

If you're looking for a brunch with a difference, head to The Greatest Brunch which promises an epic experience complete with a host of physically unusual humans of several different peculiarities. Taking inspiration form the epic movie, entertainment comes from West End singers, dancers and cabaret acts. 

@ 56 Leadenhall Street on Various dates from Tuesday 21st January 2020

Head over to this unique War of The Worlds experience where alongside some of the most cutting edge interactive sets in the game, they're fronting a funky steampunk-inspired bar that will be serving you up all manner of delicious grub, from pizzas and pies to delicious bar snacks.

  The Medieval Banquet

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@ The Ivory Vaults on Various dates from Tuesday 21st January 2020

While we're sure that not that many people believe a Medieval world was a fun world, London knows that a Medieval world sure does make for a fun dining experience. Found in a vaulted London venue, Medieval Banquet promises historic authenticity alongside jugglers, plates and kings aplenty.

ABQ London

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Taking on the Hackney hordes, this unique cocktail experience uses the most cutting edge molecular techniques to help you cook up a stunning selection of drinks. On top of that ABQ offers a fully-immersive experience for you to throw yourself into complete with wearable hazmats and iconic RV.

@ Chelsea Funhouse on Various dates from Tuesday 21st January 2020

Chelsea Funhouse restaurant Journey, is taking its diners on a culinary experience its four-course tasting menu. Inspired by famous journeys from around the world (think The Silk Road or Eastern Block), you'll be treated to an abundance of tantalising flavours from each corner of the earth. And for afters? You can head upstairs to the sultry espresso martini bar for some late-night sips.

  The Candlelight Club

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@ The Candlelight Club on Saturday 14th March 2020 and 4 other Saturdays

Hark back to those razzle dazzle 'em days as Candlelight Club promise one of the most unique, 1920s themed dining experiences in London. Heralded for their restaurant themed, flapper get-up and retro charm, this vintage dining affair is one not to be missed out on. 


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Indulge in an evening of exotic intrigue at a  truly unique event at Shoreditch Townhouse. You'll be transported to a 1970's Tokyo hotel surrounded by a mixture of real guests and actors to create an immersive, mysterious experience.

@ The Crypt On The Green on Thursday 5th March 2020

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This all new dining experience is taking 80's-lovers to the next level with a stunning immersive setting that showcases the kitsch and opulence of the era. Get those shoulderpads ready and head for Clerkenwell where you'll be free to let that Gen X hedonism get a little loose.