About Us

The History Of DesignMyNight

Picture this; two best friends from university, living it up in New York City. It's 2009 and they're blown away by the endless nightlife knowledge of their hotel concierge. The following night, and after a few too many frozen margaritas, a business idea was born. The two friends decided they'd had enough of half-baked websites and the ever-present hassle of planning a decent day and night out back home in London. The UK needed a site to discover and unlock secret, new and unique city experiences, from events to bars and restaurants, but also, a site to help plan and book online, too.

The two friends ditched their corporate roles and worked their socks off around the clock to create the first version of DesignMyNight.com.

Since then, we've launched in over 20 cities and towns in the UK, Australia and Ireland, were acquired by software powerhouse The Access Group in 2017 and created our very own bookings and enquiries system, Collins, one of the leading ticketing platforms in the UK, Tonic and voucher software, Soda to help boost what we offer on our site. 

In 2023, DesignMyNight also took home the prize for In-House Content Team Of The Year in the 2023 UK Content Awards, find out more here.

What DesignMyNight Does

We want to make it easier than ever to discover something fun to do near you. We’re here to share, show you, and help you get booked in to the very best in UK and Australian bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and experiences, whether you want a cosy cocktail bar, or the hottest table for dinner. We celebrate all that hospitality and the cities we promote have to offer, and live it day on day. 

Over 3.9 million people use DesignMyNight a month, and we're proud to continue to share what makes the hospitality industry so great. Why not also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to see more of the amazing experiences and places we know, and love.

Learn more about the DesignMyNight team below, or head to our jobs page for career opportunities with us. 


Katie Kirwan (Head of Brand & B2C)

Our Head Of Brand Katie Kirwan has over 11 years of digital marketing experience, following a previous career in music journalism. In joining DesignMyNight in 2013 as one of its first ever employees, Katie leads DesignMyNight's consumer vision, with a team of marketers, SEO experts, engineers and customer excellence under her wing. With DesignMyNight now supplying hospitality ideas to over 3.9 million users a month, Katie continues to help craft a brand that celebrates what it means to go out, and how we share that brand with our growing audience.

To discuss opportunities with DesignMyNight, email her on katie@designmynight.com

James Hillier (Senior Product Manager)

Gatekeeper to all our DesignMyNight products and their roadmaps, James is a pro when it comes to keeping our software on track having worked in hospitality across multiple roles. Before joining DesignMyNight in 2019? He worked most specifically as Head Of Systems for Jamie Oliver Restaurants. When he isn't working on software solutions for the industry? He's clocking up miles spent running across the country, or working his way through a decent bottle of red.

Add him on Linkedin here

Leighanne Bent (Senior Marketing & PR Manager)

Since joining us in 2014, Leighanne has been helping put DesignMyNight on the map,  growing our awareness in PR, social and beyond, and is well versed in the art of hospitality marketing. Leighanne is our go-to and in the know team member for hot spots, offers and where to go, which benefits our large audience, who are also hoping to learn the same in their cities. If you're wondering where she's at? It's most likely enjoying an Irish coffee at Soho's Swift.

Read more of Leighanne's work here

Anisah Audu-Evans (Managing Editor)

Since joining DesignMyNight in 2018, Anisah has been showing her skills not only as Managing Editor, but a hospitality connoisseur, and is well aware of the industry having once been a bartender herself. Once in PR, working for brands such as adidas, Barclays and Marriott hotels, she now makes sure our content is up to par for our audience. When she's not Instagramming food, you'll find her watching The Office or chilling in a bar... north of the river, of course.

Read more of Anisah's work here. 

Lisa Moore (Email Marketing Manager)

When Lisa isn't competing to be Marmite's #1 fan, she's a consummate marketing professional, joining the DesignMyNight team following a fantastic career at TicketWeb as a senior client marketing manager. Lisa brings with her experience in data and email marketing combined (along with a BA Hons in Advertising and Marketing Communications), looking after our inbox strategy and promoting unique hospitality and going out ideas to over 450,000 subscribers per month.

Read more of Lisa's work here.

Lauren Cole (Senior Editor)

Once the Features And Theatre Editor at What’s On Media Group, Lauren has seven years of writing for the UK's events and entertainment space, which means if anyone on our web content team is well-versed in the art of sharing what's great, it's her. A University Of York literature graduate, we trust Lauren to help support our editorial assistants and showcase her skills in content creation, with specific skills in SEO and editing, to the benefit of the guides we share with our audience. 

Read more of Lauren's work here

Jasmine Lee Kennedy (Senior Editor)

A Londoner to the bone, Jasmine's hospitality experience is impressive, with over 7 years adding to her knowledge and understanding of what makes bars, pubs and customers tick. With an added 7 years of content experience and an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism, and having been a Head Content Writer before joining DesignMyNight, our content is meticulously edited, considered and improved with her know-how and skills. 

Read more of Jasmine's work here

Izzah Kazi (Editorial Assistant)

Before joining DesignMyNight, Izzah has been showing off her journalism know-how, with bylines in Glamour UK, Women's Health and more, having been a freelance copywriter for Fiils for a period of time. While she may have a BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication, her passion for hospitality knows no bounds, and she uses her skills in copywriting to help create some of our team's most stunning pieces of online work and guides. 

Read more of Izzah's work here

Tia LaForce (Website Customer Support Team Leader)

Born in Hackney ('aka, the greatest borough of all time'), Tia is here at DesignMyNight looking after all things Website Customer Support, ensuring our users get the care and attention they deserve when booking or buying online. If you're not serving up a mojito for Tia, you better have Love Island on the telly, or better yet, be joining her in an old school Beyonce marathon.

Kiera Chapman (Editorial Assistant)

Once a staff writer at LONDNR, now editorial assistant, Kiera's knowledge of consumer content is supported by her BA in journalism and French from the University of Westminster. With time spent at the Radio Times, Sunday Times and Marie Claire, she knows a great story, and edits our content daily to ensure our features, listings and blogs reflect what hospitality in the UK and beyond has to offer. 

Read more of Kiera's work here

Olympia Shodipo (Web Support Executive)

Olympia's career is customer-driven, having previously been a customer service consultant before joining the web support team at DesignMyNight. Confident in communication, multitasking and resolution, she makes sure that if you make a booking or buy tickets on our site and need help, you're going to get it. With further qualifications in TV, film and media production, her skillset is varied, keeping her agile for our customers each and every day. 

Tom Saunders (DBP Manager)

Joining DesignMyNight as our first-ever DBP Account Executive (you want your restaurant/bar to be on our site? He's your guy), Tom fits in perfectly with the DesignMyNight content team thanks to his love of dogs and travel. While Tom may have climbed to the top of an active volcano once, there's just one thing that holds him back in life... his fear of sponges. That's no soak.


Rosina Basile (Social Media Executive)

With a qualification in the fundamentals of digital marketing under her belt, and experience in varied industries from social media and marketing to merchandising, Rosina brings about a top level of talent, joining our social media team to grow and show our audiences hospitality's best. Confident in analysing data and a keen marketer, see if you can spot her in some of our online videos. 

Scarlett Welch (Editorial Assistant)

On the team as of 2023, Scarlett is just the fresh talent we needed to inject personality into our pieces. Once an English tutor with a Master’s degree in media and journalism, along with a BA in linguistics, Scarlett goes above and beyond to ensure our work is maximised with quality in mind, whether she's writing about restaurants, pubs, bars, or experiences, she uses a keen eye to spot check and improve our media by the hour. 

Read more of Scarlett's work here.

Josie May (Marketing & PR Executive)

While we could tell you that Josie is Louis Theroux's number one fan, it's important for us to also share why she's with us. Since welcoming her nearly two years ago, Josie has shown she's a team player to the max, having previously been a journalist and marketing assistant before joining our team. Across press releases, online content and campaigns, she has been using her skills in marketing and copywriting to bring some of DesignMyNight's best stories to life.

Nicoleta Faina (Frontend Developer)

One of DesignMyNight's most creative team members, Nico is an enthusiastic force and joins us to work on all things Frontend Development at DesignMyNight. A graduate in interactive design from UAL with a keen interest in all things sci-fi, immersive futuristic experiences and meditation, Nicoleta hails from Moldova, but has studies that have taken her across the globe from Romania to Germany. With her art background and love of coding? We know she's going to fit right in

Chris Moore (DesignMyNight Collins Sales Specialist)

Having joined the DesignMyNight Collins team in early 2016 and now a part of the leadership team, Chris is a hospitality advocate, consumer and specialist in one, working with brands on the B2B side of our business to support guidance on tool utility and more (think names the likes of Flight Club, Nightcap and Fuller's). Focusing on guest experience, along with helping our customers harness the power of their software, he makes sure they're using the tools that you might book your bar, pub or club with, to maximum potential. 

Debbie Richardson (Tonic Customer Success Manager)

Nearly eight years on the DesignMyNight team, Debbie's role focuses on ensuring our Tonic ticketing customers are supported across marketing, software, and more. Leading a team of customer success experts, she's driving excellence in account management and customer management combined, in turn, making sure top tickets are surfaced to our events-engaged audience. 

Kate Thelwell (Tonic Customer Success Executive)

So keen on DesignMyNight that she moved to London for the job (don't worry Kate, we're keen on you too), Kate is something of an adrenaline junkie. Not only has she run three half marathons and snorkeled in a crocodile tank in Australia, she's been around, living and working everywhere from American to Canada. Get in her good books by whipping up a pina colada.

Andy Crofts (UK Sales Manager)

Originally from Melbourne, Andy joined the DesignMyNight team to help with the growth of Tonic after years in the industry (he opened the first Dirty Martini don't you know). And while his love of margaritas knows no bounds, so do his brushes with death, having once almost crashed in an airplane flying over the Amazon. Is Andy a cat? Does he have nine lives? Jury's out for now. 



James O'Sullivan (Engineering Manager)

James is another long-serving member of the DesignMyNight team with over 9 years under his wings, and has been critical in supporting the power of both DMN and its hospitality products combined. With an MSci in IT and Media Communication Systems, James leads a team of competent and creative engineers across ticketing, bookings, and vouchers that promote innovation and industry tech combined.


Lorna Wilcox (Business Development Manager)

An army brat hailing from Leicester, Lorna joined the Collins team to help look after regional sales. She's grown up in both Germany and Canada, and considers herself something of a ski snob. If she's not travelling somewhere cool at least once a year, she's not doing that year right. And while she's not in the London office that much, she's still a solid member of the team. 

Ryan Spencer (Australia Sales Manager)

A whipped up blend of both Austria and Australia, it's not just a dual nationality that Ryan boasts, he also has a twin brother. When Ryan's not Parent Trap-ing the DesignMyNight team, and drumming up new business for our Collins platform in Aus? He's searching for his next destination to explore, thanks to an overwhelming love for sun, sea and sand.



Sean Anderson (Engineering Team Lead)

Sean is part of our engineering team, working across both Tonic (our hospitality ticketing software) and DesignMyNight.com to help create products that solve our B2B customer's problems, while benefitting our website audience and their goals for a great time. With previous experience in machine learning and AI at an AI consultancy, Sean is an engineer of the now, with a degree in computer science that is backed up by his skills in customer experience and more. 

Caitlin Hutton (Tonic Ticketing Sales Executive)

A marketing degree in hospitality marketing makes Caitlin the perfect person to drive the adoption of our ticketing tool in the industry thanks to her awareness of its needs. Having joined the team close to 3 years ago now, she shares the benefits of our software for events organisers and experience owners, in turn making sure that we can provide our website consumers with the best suggestions for what to do.