About Us

Picture this; two best friends from university are living it up in New York City. It's 2009 and they're blown away by the seemingly-endless nightlife knowledge of their hotel concierge. The following night, and after a few too many frozen margaritas, a business idea was born. The two friends decided they'd had enough of half-baked nightlife websites and the ever-present hassle of planning a decent night out back at home in London. The UK was in need of a site to discover and unlock the secret, the newest and the best nightlife on offer, but also, a site to help plan and book online, too.

And so, DesignMyNight was born.

The two friends - our very own Andrew and Nick - ditched their corporate roles and worked their socks off around the clock to create the first version of DesignMyNight.com. Since then, we've now launched in nearly 20 cities and towns in the UK and Ireland, and have also created our very own bookings and enquiries system, Collins, as well as one of the leading ticketing platforms in the UK, Tonic.

We really hope you enjoy using DesignMyNight - if you've got any feedback for us, get in touch, otherwise - check out the awesome team behind the site below.


Also head over to our charity hub to hear about - or get involved with - some of the brilliant causes and organisations we support.

Andrew Webster

Tweeting: @andrewwebster11

Originally from the beautiful and tranquil South Coast, who would have thought Andrew would end up involved in the bright lights of London nightlife? After 4 years of the daily grind as a corporate high flyer at Accenture he decided that this just wasn't for him! So along came the idea of DesignMyNight, a few too many beers later and he jumped ship and hasn't looked back since!

Nick Telson

Tweeting: @designmynight

Born and bred in London, Nick can’t get enough of the city. He ruddy loves it. When he and Andrew came up with the idea of DesignMyNight, Nick knew he had to do it; for London! After 5 years working at mega-brand L’Oreal, setting up shop with his own business was a real change but a welcomed one. If his dazzling smile is anything to go by (Nick’s quite rightfully proud of his gleaming gnashers) we think he’s enjoying it!

Will Taylor-Jackson
(Chief Technology Officer)

Tweeting: @iamwilltj

After winning a web development competition at the tender age of 16, Will realised he had found his calling. By the time he discovered there had been only one other entrant, it was too late. Will stuck with the web, working at Accenture and then Google before joining the DesignMyNight team as CTO.

Luke Sillett
(Editorial & Content Director)

Tweeting: @luke_sillett

With a background in Law, Luke got his editorial training in at the leading legal publishers in the country before moving over to DesignMyNight and all things nightlife. With a passion for London buses, trash TV and all-things-edible, he's been drinking his way around the city for the last six years, and is constantly on the lookout for any and all Z-list celebrities.

Millie Smith
(Bookings & Concierge Manager)

Tweeting: Nope.

Millie is a country girl at heart and hails from the almighty Somerset. She moved to London 7 years ago to study film and hopes to someday write a screenplay that will win loads of awards and blow your proverbial socks off. Millie is undoubtedly the chirpiest member of the team; which is a deserved accolade for someone who once seriously considered a career as the next Blue Peter presenter.

Toby Leadbetter
(Collins Sales Director)

Tweeting: @TeddacKulor

Originally from ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’ Toby moved over to London from New Zealand and heads up our Collins team. Lover of basketball, snowboarding, rugby and cricket you’ll likely find him at a musical festival or belting out ‘I would walk 500 miles’ on the karaoke. Which from first hand experience is very, very good.

Toni Brickman
(Head of Finance)

Tweeting: Not for Toni, thank you.

Toni joined DesignMyNight in January 2015 and is a proper, actual Londoner. Her main passions in life are snowboarding, roller-coasters, good food, and yep, thrash metal – so look out for her at any festival playing the hard stuff. Special shout out goes to Pixel, Toni’s unfathomably-small dog and office assistant – and though Pixel had some tough competition, she’s quickly established herself as the yappiest member of the DMN collective. So here’s to her, too.

Leoni Keogh
(Collins Customer Success Manager)

Tweeting: @LeoniKeogh

Originally from Ireland, Leoni moved over to London in 2012 to work with Outlook and Dimensions music festivals before joining DesignMyNight. Lover of music, boozing and good times in general, we asked Leoni what she thought her main role at DMN was all about, to which she confidently replied, "getting sh*t done". So there it is.

Alasdair MacKenzie
(Technical Lead)

Tweeting: @allymackuk

Hailing from Bonnie Scotland, Alasdair moved to London in 2008 to work as an e-commerce developer at Accenture. He has since discovered his love for Glastonbury, figured out the difference between American and International School accents, and developed a strong appreciation for night buses.

Katie Houghton
(Associate Editor)

Tweeting: @katiehoughton90

A barrage of bad jokes, Buffy marathons and silver locks make up the bones of our wordy, Associate Editor. Moving from a music download company to manage content operations across our UK sites, Katie may claim to have met Miss Trunchbull and shaken the hand of Harold Bishop, but she won't hold her A-List antics against you.

Sam Robinson
(Sales Executive & Account Manager)

Tweeting: @sam_CFC10

Born and bred in the home county haven of Hertfordshire, Sam joined DesignMyNight in 2014 working as part of our loveable Sales Team. He loves London, sport and boozin', and his main passions in life are football and the London nightlife scene. Which seems pretty convenient now we think about it. DMN Football Team anyone? Imagine how happy he'd be.

Steve Porter
(Full Stack Developer)

Tweeting: Nope. Shan't.

A tech whiz-kid and all-round-good-guy, Steve joined the team in May 2015 and is a particularly big fan of Friday drinks, cooking and spending too much time perusing Reddit. Though originally from the seaside, you won’t find this dapper chap taking things slowly. Oh no no; he’s all about speed and automation. Basically, imagine if robots grew to be smarter than us and took the world for their own, wiping out human weakness and our snail-like prowess: Steve would love that.

James O'Sullivan
(Full Stack Developer)

Tweeting: @jmosul

Working as a Web Developer with our elite crew of tech-savvy superheroes, James moved over to London in Summer 2013, and joined us a year later! A well rounded young man, he's lived all over the shop, in countries including The Netherlands and Germany. His premier passions in life are cricket, rugby, Thai rum and bar crawlin' his merry way around London.

Ryley Woods
(Tonic Sales Manager)

Tweeting: @ryley_woods

Proud native of the land down under, Ryley moved over to the UK in 2015 and heads up our Tonic Sales Team. Though this antipodean dapper chap notes his premier passions as travel, football and craft beer; Ryley has earned himself the inventive nickname of 'Fryley', wholly down to his unquenchable thirst for Friday night drinks.

Cara Kelly
(Bookings and Concierge Executive)

Tweeting: @cazzabella88

Originally from the land down under, Cara has been in the UK for the last four years and joined the DMN bookings baes in July 2015. With a degree in musical theatre and a love for Beyoncé so strong she’d ‘dislike anyone who slanders her immediately’ (direct quote), Cara’s main passions include travelling, dancing and well, Queen Bey (obvs).

Jess Halladay
(Collins Customer Success Assistant Manager)

Tweeting: @JessSydnie

A hyper-organised, Christmas-loving, Norfolk-raised gal; Jess started her DMN journey as a bona fide bookings bae before moving over to the Collins team. After three years studying Events & Leisure Marketing at Bournemouth University, she moved to London in 2015 and loves nothing more than exploring food markets, jamming to her 70s vinyl, and sinking one-too-many cocktails on a school night. What a badass.

Richard Daniels
(Business Development)

Tweeting: Too mysterious.

DMN’s resident gent and part-time lothario, Ricky hails from Essex and works within the DesignMyNight Collins team. A self-professed romantic, he likes nothing more than a long walk on the beach, holding hands with that special someone, and giving cheesy answers to his ‘about me’ questionnaire. You’ll likely find Ricky in the gym, listening to some mad-sick big beats, or showcasing his increasingly curly mane.

Taygan Rayner
(Bookings & Customer Assistant Manager)

Tweeting: @tayganrayner

Though her unquestionably-British accent suggests otherwise, Taygan is originally from Australia and before joining DMN in December 2014, spent six glorious years selling wine to the masses. You’ll likely find her drinking dark rum in a local dive bar, eating fried chicken, fawning over miniature goats, or rocking her socks off to her favourite metal band, preferably in a muddy field.

Leighanne Bent
(Marketing & PR Executive)

Tweeting: @Lannie_Bent

After packing her bags and leaving the motherland in 2013, this Irish belle has been drinking her way around the best cocktail haunts London has to offer ever since. So it was only right she started getting paid for it. After originally joining DMN as an intern in 2014, Leighanne now looks after our marketing and PR operations. You'll likely find her dancing, writing about her boozy escapades, or screaming in the face of her favourite celebrities.

Tabitha Sharman
(Bookings and Concierge Executive)

Tweeting: @TabsCoe

A bona-fide, bilingual bookings bae, Tabitha was born in London but grew up and studied in the south of Spain. She moved back to the big smoke a few years ago, and boy are we glad she did. She loves tea, doodling, cats, potatoes and tequila-heavy cocktails. We're still trying to think of an event where we can combine all those elements. Truth be told we're struggling.

Becky Black
(Bookings and Concierge Executive)

Tweeting: It's a 'no' from Becky.

A born and bred South Londoner, Becky joined the DesignMyNight bookings team in November 2015. She likes travelling, charity shopping, gigs, fancy dress and most importantly, a good Battenberg cake. Becky has a lot to be proud of; as well as her sparkling wit and questionable-but-fantastic dance-moves, she's also a blinding cat sitter and once hosted a Back to the Future themed party.

Chris Moore
(Collins Account Executive​)

Tweeting: Mo Twitter, Mo Problems.

Upon finishing his studies - and after a stint of travelling - Chris worked as a barristers' clerk for a whopping ten years. Luckily for us; Chris saw the boozy light and consequently joined the DMN Collins team in early 2016. He loves festivals, gigs, travelling and a good brunch. But he hates queuing. For anything. So if you're taking him out, for god's sake book ahead.

Vicky Hornsby
(Client Manager)

Tweeting: @vickyhornsbyDMN

With a background in events management, Vicky joined the DMN Client Management team in early 2016. Her main obsessions in life include American Horror Story and Moulin Rouge, as well as high-pitch-voice-inducing baby animals. You’ll likely find her busting out Dad-dancing moves or singing along to ‘The Name Game’. (friendly warning: don't look up that song unless you want it stuck in your head for the rest of eternity).

Debbie Richardson
(Ticketing Account Manager)

Tweeting: @DebbieJaneR

With a background in hospitality and PR, Debbie spent two years living in Melbourne before joining DMN as our Ticketing Account Manager. Her perfect day 'starts with a Bloody Mary, and ends with a whisky', and - just as all adventurous women do - she learns all important, but undoubtedly-questionable life lessons from Lena Dunham's 'Girls'. You'll likely find her hustling around a pool table or sinking her teeth into any American BBQ-style meat she can find.

Charlotte Howes
(Collins Customer Success ​Executive)

Tweeting: Not for Charlotte.

Charlotte joined the team in March 2016, having previously studied as an opera singer (!). She loves London, and in particular discovering the hidden bars and hideouts the city has to offer. A fan of Latin beats, tequila and fancy dress; she can also often be found wall-climbing, watching the rugby or causing chaos in the kitchen. A born and bred Londoner, Charlotte is enjoying rediscovering the city after a ten year hiatus in sunny South Wales.

Gurjot Thind
(Editorial Assistant )

Tweeting: @Gurjot_Thind

Some call him Gurj, we call him Gurj-eous. Having first worked at DMN as an intern, Gurj joined the team straight after graduating from Edinburgh University. Now an Editorial Assistant on the content team, he previously worked as Editor-in-Chief at the UK's oldest student newspaper. A fan of all things sport, he spends most of his day criticizing footballers and distorting perfectly good phrases into babble. 

Annie Kohler
(Web Developer)

Tweeting: Hooping trumps Tweeting.

As someone who loves languages and exploring different cultures, she moved from Germany to England in 2012. Before joining DMN in June 2016, she worked at Eventbrite in the Customer Experience team and then decided to completely change her career and become a web developer. When she’s not coding, she loves good veggie food, Bloody Marys and Hula Hooping.

​Oz Osbaldeston
(Collins Customer Success ​Executive)

Tweeting: Maybe? He'll never tell.

Originally from the mean streets of Cheshire, Oz was raised on football and music, attending his first match aged 3 and receiving his first album aged 4 (a hand-me-down Cliff Richards Greatest Hits). A Bristol University History graduate, Oz has a subsequent penchant for home brewed cider and discussions on the nuances of Winston Churchill but will often be found DJing in some dark London club basement. 

Faith Strickland
(Editorial Assistant)

Tweeting: @FaithStrickla11

From Devon originally,  Faith studied French and Italian in Manchester, was an English teacher in South Italy for 8 months, lived in Cambodia for six months working for a lifestyle and marketing company and before DMN was the Editorial Assistant for a top travel company. Likes include period drama, greasy spoons, cheese and full contact rugby (don't mess), while dislikes include sharks, mornings and the obvious....broccoli.

Jaspar Gupta
(Web Developer)

Tweeting: Nope.

Originally from mid-Devon, Jaspar gained interest for web development when he was 16. Jaspar does not enjoy winter whatsoever, and would go so far as to say he detests the season and the fact it gets dark so early. Beaches and sunshine? That's more for him. He's passionate about being a web developer, and loves going abroad and seeing new places when he can.

Tom Capon
(Editorial Assistant)

Tweeting: @TomCapon

Hailing from the TOWIE populated streets of Essex, Tom graduated from Lancaster University and ended up working at celebrity gossip magazine Now. After having his fill of showbiz secrets, he finally made his way to DesignMyNight as an Editorial Assistant. His main passion in life are comic books, dogs, beer and good food. Hates include the entire season of winter, TV shows having a mid-season break and warm beer. 

Pixel Pixelton
(Crapper and Yapper)

Tweeting: Dogs don't tweet they bark.

Proud owner of the title of 'Best Bitch' at a local dog show, Pixel Pixelton joined the DMN team in a flurry of fur and barking at feet, if we're really honest, she doesn't do much at all. Chuffed with a piece of cucumber, a pooch proud of her Prague Ratter heritage and known for an assortment of tiny jumpers, our best bitch isn't technically or legally on the books, but she doesn't need to be with a face like that.

(Emotional Support)

Tweeting: Will tweet for sausages.

Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. Best dog. 

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