Editorial Guidelines

Our Content Mission

DesignMyNight (part of the Access Group) celebrates all things hospitality and shares its expertise in industry with over 3.9 million users a month. From the best in restaurants and bars, to pubs and experiences, we're here to champion all that it has to offer.

We serve both the UK and Australia, in both major cities, and smaller regional towns, and are growing year on year.

DesignMyNight not only helps people discover something great to do, we help you, our users, to book in too. From buying tickets to booking in at a restaurant, we see ourselves as an end-to-end solution for your going-out needs. Partnered with our internal B2B tools to provide this service: Access Collins (Bookings), Access Tonic (Ticketing), Access Soda (Vouchers). 

We aim to create and build guides that speak to our users when it comes to going out, focusing on searches that our users make, and content that might pique their interest, from new openings and events, to hidden spots, cool places to go and great things to eat.

Our office is in London, but our team can be found UK-wide, from employees in Brighton, to Manchester.

Our Team

We have a confident and skilled team creating and updating content daily. Across brand owners, marketing managers, managing editors, senior editors and editorial assistants, we prioritise quality, and the content our users love. The team is skilled in presenting to you some of the best USPs around the hospitality market across bars, restaurants, experiences, pubs, and clubs.

Find out more about our team here: About Us. 


Content Sources

Listings, guides and content are created by the DesignMyNight team based on their hospitality know-how. We exclusively choose inclusions as a team, and look to expertise across our industry to inform our content and include the items, venues and events that best reflect the topic. 


Our Diversity Policies

DesignMyNight strives to represent diverse communities, and actively works to support all voices. From content to listings, we have an open door policy to improvements here, and if you have any suggestions for how we can better cover a broad range of experiences for people and industry combined, please feel free to get in touch with our Head Of Brand katie@designmynight.com.



DesignMyNight does not endorse political parties or agendas. We promote hospitality in UK and Australian cities, alongside the fun and joy of going out and experiencing bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. We hold no opinion over global affairs unless they relate to our industry, and do not promote hateful, illegal or cruel practices in these areas. 


Our Approach To AI Content

DesignMyNight does not use AI tools or services to generate content. Our content and editorial pieces are written by humans, for humans, and we stand by our policy to create based on this. We commit to a team of industry-aware writers, who are prolific in writing factual, engaging and unique content across various hospitality trends and experiences. 

We do not use AI to generate headlines, text or images on DesignMyNight.com, and we do not use AI to support curation, such as items or the venues or events which may feature in our listings.

If we plan to use AI in our editorial toolkit in the future, we will share the information surrounding this on this page.


Commercial / Sponsored Content / Industry Transparency

DesignMyNight does not take gifts in exchange for listings, content or editorial on our site, however, our team of editors and marketers may be offered complimentary tickets or experiences in exchange for potential marketing support. However, this does not influence our content, and all feedback or editorial is written with true experience and critique as per our responsibility to our audience. 

Sponsored content (in instances where venues or events may be looking to benefit from marketing on our site through paid packages), will be clearly marked as such, with a sponsored or paid-for note.


Syndication / Licensing

We do not offer these services at this time.



DesignMyNight does not use plagiarised content in marketing features and content guides. We have a no-tolerance policy to plagiarised work, and all content is crafted and created by hand unless this page is owned or edited by a venue or event organiser.


Quality And Factual Accuracy

We at DesignMyNight aim to ensure all content is fact-checked and as up-to-date as possible. We update content daily with new information and strive to ensure that our users see the most relevant and recent content to them, while prioritising quality and expertise.

Some pages on DesignMyNight feature time stamps to show our users when these pieces were last checked or updated. These are not featured on event or venue listings.


Request An Update / Send Us A Question

If you would like to request an update to a page, or have questions regarding our editorial content, please send an email to our support team on support@designmynight.com. This team will then send over the query to the correct team/team member in due course.

We will aim to update, or support/resolve your query, promptly and efficiently. Please ensure you have shared the URL, more information on the issue and any feedback needed.