How much are they worth?


 Each point is worth 1p.


MAKE AN ACCOUNT: 250 points = £2.50

BOOK A RESTAURANT/BAR/PUB: 10 points per person for a show-up booking (e.g. 15 people = 150 points*)

 WRITE A REVIEW: 10 points per review

BUY A TICKET: 2 points per pound spent


You can start redeeming your points as 'cash' when you hit the 500 mark (£5 cash value). So make a few bookings for you and your friends, write reviews on of some of your favourite restaurants and bars across the UK and you'll be all set with free cash to spend on more great nights out across the country.


*No show. No points.

Please note: Rewards are not applicable in Sydney/Australia for the time being. 



How do i redeem my points for cash?

It couldn't be simpler. When you find an amazing event or experience you want to buy tickets for, redeem your points at checkout and BOOM, your discount will be applied. Instant money off amazing UK events. 




It's not possible to redeem DesignMyNight reward points against an event you’ve previously attended.

It's also not possible to redeem against a booking or at the venue on the day.

It's not possible to redeem points against venue bookings, they can only be used for ticket purchases.

You cannot redeem against a voucher purchase.

You do not receive reward points when a Soda gift voucher is purchased.

Points cannot be redeemed against a purchase that is less than £5 in value.

Points are only rewarded when bookings are made directly on the DesignMyNight website (not the venue's website or elsewhere), book on to avoid missing out.

When a ticket is refunded, your reward points are automatically deducted or returned (if reward points redeemed at checkout).

Points are only rewarded on venue bookings after the booking date has passed and the venue have confirmed your attendance.




 Once a month, we'll even reward one lucky DesignMyNight user with £20 worth of points, just to say thank you for using our website. 


SIGN UP (or be signed in) before you do any of the above, to claim your points