How much are they worth?


   Make a booking: 10 points per person for a show-up booking (e.g. 15 people = 150 points*)

 Write a review: 10 points per review

Purchase a ticket: 2 points per pounds spent

Each point is worth 1p and you can start redeeming your points as cash when you hit the 500 mark (£5 cash value). So make a few bookings for you and your mates, write a few reviews and you'll be all set with some lovely free cash to spend for more great nights out!  

*No show. No points.           

Please note: Rewards are not applicable in Sydney/Australia for the time being. 

How do i redeem my points for cash?

It couldn't be simpler! When you find the amazing event or experience you want to buy tickets for, you just redeem your points at checkout and BOOM, your discount will be applied. Instant money off, amazing events. 

Remember you have to SIGN UP (or be signed in) before you do any of the above, to claim your points.


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