Find a great night out in London

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    From rooftop brunches to self-driving boats on the canal, these events are giving you plenty to do once July 4th rolls on around and the city starts to open again.


    From burlesque courses in your living room to live streamed bingo with the funniest of hosts, get ready for a wild night from the comfort of your own home.


    Let's finally leave cocktail night to the professionals (instead of the pits of the kitchen cupboard) with these London bars now taking bookings.

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From its long history of live music through to the Northern Quarter's hot mix of cocktail bars, Manchester is a truly independent spirit. Whether it's brunch with all the bloody maryswild nights out or incredible city centre restaurants, we've got the best this city has to offer here.


As beautiful as it is cultural, Glasgow is a chameleon when it comes to food and drink, with wacky burger bars sitting alongside one of the best vegan scenes in the UK. Chuck in cute pubs, warehouse clubs and cocktails in historical buildings, and you're beginning to get a taste of this Scottish city.


It may be famous for its canals, but Birmingham is also chock full of quirky watering holes. This Midlands hub prides itself on its innovative approach to nightlife, with mead-based bars, hidden gin dens, VIP clubbing experiences and a focus on British-based dining the tip of the iceberg.


The quirky capital of the entire UK, Brighton is a seaside destination that absolutely needs no introduction. When you're not wandering around the Lanes, try a kitsch and cute puba roaring club nightfoot-stomping live music, or a cocktail bar that's as unique as this charming beach town.