Restaurants in Clapham

As far as the various culinary scenes of London are concerned, Clapham has really taken off. Whilst we should certainly be grateful that the upsurge in bars and restaurants in Clapham has given us more choice that we could have ever dreamed of, there still remains the issue of which one to choose. We have compiled a selection of some of the best in the area as well as some of our favourite restaurants in surrounding areas such as Battersea. So take a gander then, at some of the top restaurants in Clapham.

Last updated on 17th October 2019

The Clapham North

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A hearty pub in Clapham, The Clapham North may pay homage to all of your favourite beers at reasonable prices, but they're hot footing it on the dinner list too. Eating out in South London? Give The Clapham North a try for humble gastro grub and pub plates that you and your palate can believe in. 


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Packed with flavours of the world, Mommi brings a new kind of aesthetic to Clapham's drinking and dining scene. Venture into a colourful mural of Japanese and South American cuisines where theses flamboyant cultures collide for an experience that is original. The dishes here come of the Latin and Asian persuasion with cocktails following a punchy suit. 

The Schoolhouse

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Just a wee hop from Clapham, The Schoolhouse is one of the coolest restaurants in South London. Harking back to school-time nostalgia, enter a world of classic eats on plastic dinner trays and bubbling cocktails in conical flasks as The Schoolhouse knocks up a quirky meal in Battersea to remember.

This quirky pizza joint serves the capital's most sough-after slices made from wild yeast and stone ground flour to make the mouthwatering sourdough bases. Delicious toppings include Gorgonzola, 'nduja and honey alongside a stunning selection of small plates. 

Powder Keg Diplomacy

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If you're after a quirky restaurant in Clapham, Powder Keg Diplomacy can help. The bar is packed with wonderful cocktails and there a whole host of interesting drinks to keep you occupied. But once you sit down for your meal, you'll be lead through to a beautiful, vintage conservatory where they'll serve you delicious and seasonal British food in a Victorian, colonial environment.

The Plough Clapham

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Sitting on St John's Hill, the Plough in Clapham has become a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. The bar is stocked full of all your favourite drinks, including a selection of craft beers and real ales, produced by London's most famous breweries. The shining gem here however is the delectable food menu of small plates. The chefs behind the scenes have worked tirelessly to create a menu composed of classic American dishes, all of which have a distinct English twist. Expect to find the likes of cornflake fried chicken wings and Oxtail nuggets here.