South American Bars and Restaurants in London

There’s no denying it – London loves Latino. From the street food to the burritos and of course not forgetting the sumptuous tipples. There are not many credible bars that don’t have a hint of Latin American flavour. Whether it’s the music, the margaritas, the mojitos, the rum, the tequila or even the lime-chocked bottles of Sol, there is evidence of our cross-Atlantic chums in most bars. But if you like your salsa in much bigger portions, here are few South American bars in London that are worth checking out.


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Last updated on 12th March 2024

Barrio - Bars In London

Barrio is cool South American cocktail bar with outposts across London. A very warm and colourful feel to the decor sets the scene and creates an exotic environment with South American beers, rum and tequila cocktails that make for a memorable Mexican boozy brunch experience.


Get ready to spice things up with Paladar, an award-winning Latin American restaurant and wine shop in Waterloo. Chef Jose Rubio-Guevara's menu is 100% gluten-free and serves authentic flavours that'll make your tastebuds dance, featuring goodies like grilled chimichurri prawns, seared braised beef salteado, and creamy wild mushroom quinoa risotto. Sporting walls splashed with vibrant artwork, this hotspot serves up an authentically South American drinks menu with everything from wine, beer, spirits, and quirky cocktails on offer.