Best Immersive Experiences In London

Sometimes we need a bit of escapism in the capital and reading Harry Potter for the tenth time ain't going to cut it. Fortunately our city has a whole heap of immersive experiences to take you away from the sky scrapers; from the strange and the unusual, through to partying like it's the 1920s, these are the best immersive experiences London has in store for the adventurous.

Last updated on 4th October 2022


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Located in a secret Shoreditch members club, gin-house burlesque immerses you in an old-world style night of fun. Head to East London to watch burlesque dancers dazzle with Josphine Baker-inspired acts and a soundtrack that will keep you partying until the early hours.

@ Fitz’s on Various dates from Tuesday 4th October 2022

Situated in Russell Square, Fitz's is always a swanky haunt, but it's now hosting a fun immersive cocktail experience. The Theory of Colour showcases 14 different cocktails based on the 1660 artwork, 'Still Life of a Vase of Flowers'. When you shine a UV light on the menu, you can find out what your drink choice says about you.

@ Chelsea Funhouse on Various dates from Wednesday 5th October 2022

Looking for something a little different? How about a cocktail experience inspired by the famous team of cryptographers, who successfully broke the enigma code during WW2? Make your way to The Bletchley: Cryptic Cocktail Experience at Chelsea Funhouse for a night you won't forget.

Immersive Gamebox

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Ever wanted to step inside a video game? Well now you can as Electronic Theatre have landed in Southbank. The team-building, immersive adventure will have you and your mates take on interactive challenges in LightBoxes, putting you at the heart of the action. 

@ Ninth Life on Saturday 19th November 2022 and 3 other Saturdays

Head down the rabbit hole with an evening at Ninth Life's The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar. An immersive theatrical experience, escape room and murder mystery in one, this quirky event is filled with kooky characters and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

@ President Hotel on Various dates from Thursday 6th October 2022

Turning one of the nation's best-loved sitcoms into a smash hit experience, this piece of immersive dinner theatre is putting seating you in the Faulty Towers dining room for a three-course meal you won't forget. Interact with a host of iconic characters and enjoy one truly original take on your favourite comedy.

@ Ninth Life on Various dates from Thursday 20th October 2022

Get ready for an immersive boardroom battle that goes beyond your usual meetings - over at The Lords Apprentice Live from Ninth Life, you'll put your heads together to create hilarious last-minute pitches around Lord Sugarplum's bizarre requests (fashion brand for giraffes, anyone?).

@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Tuesday 4th October 2022

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Is there anything better than a delicious dinner with fantastic entertainment? We thought not. Then be sure to check out The Murdér Express Part Deux -Jewel Of The Empire, an immersive experience in Pedley Street Station along with a four-course meal.


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This immersive experience is bringing all the drama to you. Inspired by Capgras delusion - the belief that someone has been replaced by a replica - DARKFIELD is an audio performance designed for you and a mate. 

How's this for an immersive London experience? Step through the doors of this five-storey Soho spot and you'll be transported into a magical realm. Wizard Exploratorium is entertaining Harry Potter fanatics with its incredible decor, brilliant events - wand-making workshops anyone? - and quirky afternoon teas.

Locked in a Room

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A mad professor has been locked in his lab creating havoc; government forces are closing in on important research - you have one hour to solve either of these challenges in this exciting escape room experience. Taking place in ExCeL, there are 13 rooms and two scenarios for you to battle against the clock and each other.

This is an immersive experience unlike any other in London right now. Play the detective as you travel through sets from the show, solving the case with the help from the hit TV show cast in exclusive footage. Or maybe you could try your hand at mixing killer cocktails in the secret Sherlock speakeasy...

@ 56 Leadenhall Street on Various dates from Thursday 6th October 2022

If you're after sci-fi immersive experiences in London, then this one themed around Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds is second to none. Nab tickets to head over to Leadenhall Street, where live actors, 5D effects and a cool steampunk bar await.

@ Aures London on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 @ 18:00 - 0:00

Aures London is hosting a mega Rihanna VS Beyonce "The Hits" Immersive Party, complete with amazing visual projections and a bespoke light show. Even better, expect world-class audio, scents, unique cocktails and shisha, plus vibration seat pads - it's going to be a totally unique experience like no other.

@ Neosight Headquarters, Bankside Arches, SE1 8BU on Various dates from Tuesday 4th October 2022

Up there for the best immersive experiences in London, The Grid is a brilliant escape room that's combining futuristic cocktails with mind-boggling puzzles in a truly futurisic drinking adventure in the city. While you're there? You'll also be working undercover to defeat an evil AI corp from world domination. Easy, right?

Taking you to a motorhome science lab away from home, this unique cocktail and pizza making masterclass goes in hard on molecular cocktails and stunning sips across an hour and 45 minutes of fully-immersive action.

Hyper Reality

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Hyper Reality is the London experience that's offering everything from a karaoke singalong to a VR rollercoaster and go-kart experience. If a cyberpunk immersive venue sounds like you're idea of a good time, then you've come to the right place.

On the hunt for an immersive experience in Camden? Then make your way to Mazer Zone. This cool escape room-style spot will have you completing challenging puzzles in order to steal precious jewels from a Hatton Garden safe, or using your skills to save the world.