Best Places to Have Dim Sum in London

Anyone that's popped a good quality dumpling in their mouth before knows there's nothing to compare to the ooze and squelch of meat, spice and fine dough. Dim sum in London is the perfect food. Endlessly more-ish, perfectly mouthsized and delectably fresh tasting. Grazing upon these sweet little bits and bobs never leaves you in a food coma - but perfectly satisfied yet feeling rather virtuous. If you're in need of something to counteract the dozens of mac n cheese sessions you've had this month, but still want to enjoy a civilised scoff; dim sum is your answer. Luckily, London has some intriguing, quirky, authentic and cool places to choose from. 

Ping Pong Wembley

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No, this isn't a table tennis venue - and batting about the dumplings is both weird and wasteful. Instead, it's a chic and modern yet friendly dim sum paradise settled neatly by the Wembley Stadium. Creative cocktails accompany your morsel munching experience, perched upon a very design oriented stool in these uber stylish surroundings. Red splashes of colour highlight the abstract decor and create a stunning ambience for you dim sum experience. 

Ping Pong Soho

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Enjoying incredibly slick and brooding interiors, Ping Pong adds some evening appropriate intensity to dim sum. Traditionally taken in the morning or afternoon, Ping Pong's sultry vibes, dark wood and precise features will soon get you glugging sake and popping dumplings way into the evening. With a menu split up into 'fried and griddled', 'baked', 'steamed', 'soups' and 'specials; navigating your way through dim sum is made easy. 

Ping Pong Covent Garden

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A welcoming and chic restaurant abuzz with theatre-goers on Maiden Lane, Ping Pong brings a seasonal menu of bitesize dim sum to the table. Order in a varied spread and share around these delicious plates from the comfort of their mezzanine or semi-private basement floor; there's an eye-catching range of cocktails and theatrical Chinese teas to complete the experience.

Inamo Covent Garden

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Unlimited Asian tapas & sushi with free-flowing wine or beer £42 per person

Inamo brings technology and innovation to London's eating out scene. It's a tech friendly place where guests place their order via sleek tablets, immerse themselves in the evening by projecting their own tabletops and even check in on the kitchen via chef cam. Away from all this techy excitement there's actually some damn fine fare up for grabs; enjoy delicious pan-Asian fare and Oriental themed cocktails in the basement bar.

The Courtesan

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The Courtesan is a genuinely surprising and elegant establishment in the heart of Brixton's bustling foodie scene at one of the best places to eat dim sum in London. Going for a gracefully Chinese theme with minimal yet well selected finery giving an uncluttered yet luxurious atmosphere. Both calming and buzzing, The Courtesan treats customers with assorted dim sum, unusual teas and speciality cocktails. 


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Dubbing itself as an exploration into 'elegance, energy, invention; Hakkasan really goes for it in terms of the whole dim sum experience. And why the heck not? Get into the delicacy and intrigue of the eating experience, built around savouring rather than devouring, in an opulent setting. Slick lacquered wood and electric blue features give this Mayfair eatery a very buzzy, bar-like ambience whilst the dim sum remains almost terrifyingly skilful. 


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Striking every note perfectly to create an idiosyncratic yet evocative dim sum experience, Yauatcha is the cool and contemporary choice. Boasting a slim, bright blue fish tank and starry sky ceiling; the ambience is eccentric yet consummately stylish. Setting itself apart with its foray into puddings, you must deviate into the sweet menu. Everything is executed to perfection and dishes are reasonable at about £5 each.