Best Vegan Pizzas in London

Some with a wealth of knowledge when in comes to pizza may gasp at the thought, but let's be honest, vegans aren't ruining the slice by ditching the cheese; they're making it their own, with plenty of amazing flavours and unique takes on classics along the way. So whether you're into dairy-free toppings, giving Veganuary a go, or simply can't miss out on a marinara moment, check out our recommendations for London's best vegan pizza restaurants.

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Last updated on 20th December 2023

Pizza Pilgrims - Restaurants In London

Searching for more plant-based restaurants? Pizza Pilgrims are bringing you all the vegan pizzas you'll need with their veggie, margherita, and 'nduja' slices. With the venue's bustling atmosphere and friendly staff, what's not to like? On top of that, there are plenty of tasty bevvies.

Mamma Dough - Restaurants In London

Mamma Dough are a series of South London pizzerias with plant-based options for you to dig into. Think everything from a class marinara to spinach and roasted portabello mushrooms with truffle oil or  butternut squash, pine nuts and caramelised onions for toppings.

Purezza Camden

Purezza are Europe's first entirely vegan pizzeria boasting a huge selection of toppings, and you need only check out the menu to prove it. From wholegrain sourdough pizzas to toppings that include plant-based meat and cheese, these guys are at the forefront of cruelty-free slices in London.

Crust Bros

Crust Bros have brought an entirely unique pizza concept to London, with build-your-own at the forefront of their menu. So what can vegans tuck into? Sure, you can build for the base up, but why not try their vegan margherita with vegan mozzarella for just £7.95?