Quirky Bars In Soho

With a scandalous and salacious history, this lively pocket of London has always been a hotspot for the weird and wonderful. From high-concept activity bars to tiny speakeasies, this lot can be garish at times... but never, ever gauche. A bit of kitsch is good for the soul though, so we've put together a list of our recommendations for the coolest, quirkiest bars in Soho. 

Last updated on 7th December 2020


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Formerly The Kingly Club - the go-to spot for the rich and famous during the 1960's - Disrepute has cast off some of its former infamies and settled for being a truly innovative cocktail bar. Each cocktail comes with a short story from the bar's heyday in place of an ingredients list, with non-members welcome to book tables. 

Simmons Soho

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Known city-wide for having some of the best Happy Hours in London, the Simmons brand is a weird and wonderful tour de force. Its quirky Soho bar is no different, offering up kitsch wallpapers, teapot cocktails and all manner of wacky brunches and afternoon teas. 


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Throwing it back in one of the most unique concepts seen in a London bar, Cahoots take you back to wartime Britain for a swinging night of retro cocktails, sandbag interiors and a whole tube carriage for unusual drinks aplenty. Yes, a whole tub carriage.