Best Cocktail Bars in London

London not only serves some of the best cocktails in the world, but the bars themselves have also become works of art. From flaming creations and themed dens to swanky mixology havens and flairing shows, this here city is full of them. But where exactly are the best cocktail bars in London? In the name of research, we've sipped high and low to bring you a selection of the finest; and here they are.

Last updated on 14th May 2019


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Billed as “an oasis of warmth, mystery and magic”, Oriole takes you on a journey to a disconnected outside world. It's the sister site to the multi award-winning Nightjar so high standards are to be expected; cocktails are laced with ingredients from all corners of the globe and plates are made up using the finest spices and seasonings from near and far. Still not swayed? Oriole rounds things off with an exceptional live music programme, with daily jazz, swing and blues tunes to look forward to.

Victorian Bath House

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Fronting a bar well versed in the art of fine mixology, now is your chance to venture behind the velvet ropes and into the decadent overthrows of the Victorian Bath House. With visits made by appointment only, this has to be one of the coolest cocktail bars in London where you can sink into some Victorian inspired luxury whilst supping on libations. 

The Basement Shoreditch

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Perfect for anyone that's bored of brushing elbows and awkwardly bumping into people at packed out bars, The Basement Shoreditch is a venue that combines expertly-made cocktails with attentive hosting and an unbeatable music playlist. Head down, grab a hand-crafted cocktail and watch the hours float by at this fun Old Street spot.

Trader Vic's

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Having perfected the making of the Mai Tai in 1944, Trader Vic's is a stalwart on the cocktail scene in London. Renowned for their tropical inspired tipples, taste one of this City's most original Mai Tai blends and be transported straight to an island of Polynesian party vibes. Their Tiki game is strong here - beware. 


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It would be impossible to cite the best cocktail bars in London without mentioning the famously elusive Nightjar Bar in Shoreditch. Candle-lit tables, experimental (and extremely creative) cocktails and a genuine speakeasy feel come as standard here.


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Live Music and 1 other offer

An international award winning bar based in Bethnal Green, this incredible cocktail haunt is inspired by the culture and history of New Orleans. Promising delicious Cajun and Creole food, an authentically-inspired drinks list and a cool-as-you-like ambience, Nola is housed in Georgian-era building on Roman Road.

Demon, Wise and Partners

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Offering a relaxed and refined atmosphere completely at odds with the frenetic nature of the city, Demon, Wise & Partners rightly takes it's place as one of the best bars in London. Hiding away beneath The Arbitrager and the city's towering skyscrapers, track this place down and enjoy an easygoing night of exceptional cocktails, beers, wines and spirits.

Simmons Soho

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Simmons boast some of the most quirky cocktail spots in London. Step inside to discover intimate spaces adorned with all sorts of unusual ornamentation... and the cocktails are equally eccentric. Have your long island iced tea served up in a teapot as you spend the night mingling with a crowd of partygoers. Try their Camden and Fitzrovia branches for more quirky cocktail cavorting.

Callooh Callay

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Frequently popping up in lists of the best cocktail bars around, including Best Cocktail Menu 2014 at The DesignMyNight Awards, Callooh Callay is easily one of the best spots for cocktails in London. With an eclectic, comic book style list of extraordinary cocktails, and an ever changing menu of wonderfully original names, Kilner Me Softly being a personal favourite, Callooh Callay is a must for any wannabe cocktail aficionado.

Little Bat

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Offering bold and imaginative cocktails, cosy date night vibes and some of the friendliest service in town, Little Bat is an absolute must if you're looking for something special around Angel's Upper Street. A venture brought to London from the same team at Callooh Callay, expect Alice in Wonderland themed quirks and chilled out vibes from this welcoming new neighbourhood haunt.

Coin Laundry

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Farringdon's laid-back neighbourhood bar serves comfort food and 70s-inspired cocktails in a welcoming atmosphere. Take a chance on the Blind Date, with its pleasingly sweet mix of infused brandy, lemon, sugar and egg white, or indulge in a luxurious taste of the White Chocolate & Raspberry Bellini if you like the sound of chocolate and raspberry coulis mixed in with prosecco and lemon.

68 and Boston

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Aperitivo Hour and 6 other offers

Industry heavyweights Eric Yu, Luca Cordiglieri and Martin Malley have come together to unveil 68 Boston, a refined drinking spot bringing a specialist blend of wine and cocktails to Soho. Make for the cocktail bar upstairs after work, where expertly-made classics are served alongside cutting-edge originals in an intimate, low-lit space.

Megaro Bar

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Megaro is a basement bar in Kings Cross that's created a reputation for itself thanks to its stunning cocktail menu and quirky decor. The venue's expert mixologists have really let their creative side shine, curating a menu of signature creations and spirit infusion. Why not try the Borsh Mary cocktail, created using the venue's very own homemade hot sauce.

HAPPY HOUR 2 FOR 12! 17:00-20:00 and 3 other offers

The fifth instalment of the London Cocktail Club family is up there with our favourites. Come in, soak up the biker-themed ambience and prepare to make some big decisions at the bar. Cocktails like the 'Confessions of a Cucumber Salesman', 'Brixton Riot' and 'Smoking Barrel' are every shade of delicious, each mixed with the style and substance that makes LCC such a fan favourite.

The Last Tuesday Society

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Favouring the intense and the opulent; The Last Tuesday Society are all about celebrating the strange. In terms of cocktails, this means heady flavours like bitters, chocolate and orange peel. The basement bar is a fabulously shadowy hang out in which to enjoy some hedonistic treasures. Upstairs, a palace of intrigue awaits! 

  Alcotraz - Prison Cocktail Bar

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@ Alcotraz Penitentiary on Various dates from Sunday 19th May 2019

London cocktail bars don't get quirkier than this. Hidden behind shutters is a secret prison, where bribery and contraband rule. You'll have to smuggle your favourite liquor past the guards and get into the hands of one of the other inmates, who can mix you up something grand. But don't, under any circumstances, get caught.

Tucked away amidst the stately grandeur of the London Edition Hotel is The Punch Room, an exclusive, reservations only drinking den. Come in and get cosy, the oak panelling and majestic sofas evoke a nineteenth century private club feel. A playlist of vintage soul and blues fills the room, while guests enjoy gin-infused punches laced with jasmine tea and oak moss.

Map Maison

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Styled as a cosy cafe during the day and a bustling cocktail bar at night, Map Maison is a characterful, colourful spot that's always adapting and changing itself to suit the demands of East London's revellers. The team of expert mixologists, armed with a collection of strange ingredients, fresh fruit liqueurs, flavoursome punches and international spirits, mix and flair together an impressive range of fun concoctions that are sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Grab a strong drink, relax and see where the night takes you at this fun-loving bar. 

The Ten Bells

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The Ten Bells is a pillar of Spitalfields boozing, but have you discovered their secret cocktail bar upstairs yet? Under the trusted guidance of renowned head bartender Jerome Slesinski, a talented bar team whip up signature shorty cocktails made with home-infused spirits and a flourish of class. Vintage Chesterfields, mis-matched tables and iconic artworks contribute to the chic ambience.

Reverend JW Simpson

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The cocktails aren't your average tipples at Reverend JW Simpsons, no, they're libations of forages and seasonal ingredients compiled in new and exciting ways. To top things off this basement bar is completely unique with its design, as the former home of a reverend it still features the original floorplan and many of his touches.

WM Barker & Co

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Owing to some of the most innovate mixology in the business, WM Barker & Co has done well to preserve its secretive nature being nestled under Bishopsgate. Their bar is well versed in the art of manipulating unusual ingredients to create drinks that are ultimately original and stylish. That paired with its old world style interiors makes this place one cool cocktail bar in London. 

Portobello Star

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Complimentary Bottle of Prosecco or Bucket of beer when you pre-pay a £50 bar tab! and 1 other offer

The oldest bar on this list, the iconic Portobello Star has been open since a stonking 1740. And by god have they progressed with the times; delicious cocktails paired with homemade fare are the order of the day here. Gin lovers, this one is definitely for you.


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Goat DRINK is a blend of Kensington class and New York charm bringing you a selection of tried and tested experimental cocktail creations reviving forgotten classics with modern, signature twists added. Their death in the afternoon is a cocktail recipe delivering just what it says on the tin with a cheeky splash of absinthe to warm your cockles! 


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Complimentary Taster Cup Winter Punch

Created by the successful group behind the Nightjar, Swift is a cocktail bar that's forever changed the way we think of a 'quick drink' between events. Using an arsenal of international spirits, fruits and spices, and promising a quick turn around for each drink, the expert team of mixologists serve both classic and inventive cocktails to its guests. Despite being standing only upstairs, guests can take a load off and unwind in the venue's cosy underground bar. 

Taking an underground former public conveniences and transforming it into a space of art deco cool and cocktail lounging, the Bermondsey Arts Club is as unique as they come. The bar is where the magic of mixology happens, creating tailored cocktails of the freshest ingredients and innovation. Experience some liquor laced satisfaction in one of London's under the radar creative haunts. 

Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

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Crazy Bear oozes style and class and is a great destination for cocktails. From the very first moment you step in you will be impressed with the decor, ambiance and delicious drinks served up. With intimate nooks to book with friends and a buzzy atmosphere there is no wonder this is an extremely popular cocktail bar in London. Book online to try this brilliant Soho cocktail bar for yourself. 

Dirty Martini Islington

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Dirty Martini is a well-established name in the cocktail world. With a smattering of venues all over London, their mixologists have mastered a number of classic recipes and really let their creativity take control, producing an array of intriguing concoctions for adventurous revellers to enjoy. Try their Dirty Martini Bishopsgate and Dirty Martini St Pauls bars for more!

Drink Shop & Do

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Bottomless Brunch

A treasure of a King's Cross cafe, cocktail bar and late night dancing spot, Drink Shop Do carries an awesome list of cocktails fronting an impressive gin selection. Grab a stiff drink and enjoy one of their weekday 'Do's (we're talking Lego Robots and Musical Bingo) or get started on a big night on the tiles at the weekend; there's drinking and dancing until 2am.

Behind This Wall

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Fresh from a summer residency atop Oval Space's terrace bar, Behind This Wall is a secret little cocktail den that's setting up permanent shop in Hackney. Serving vibrant cocktails that showcase the finest produce of Britain's small batch distilleries, the venue's simple decor clashes nicely with the explosive taste of every drink. Simple yet elegant, this bar never disappoints. 

Basement Sate

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Earth didn't start with Adam and Eve, it started with dessert and cocktails. Heralded for their sweet treats, not only is Basement Sate the front runner for desserts in the city, their cocktails are a sweet smasher too. From their bespoke, speakeasy inspired setting to their hand-made cocktails, this is a neat treat not to be missed. 

Barrio Soho

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Amigo Hour Specials until 7pm!

Barrio is a party group of bars that comes bursting with Latina energy. Shaking up exotic cocktails that go hard on the rum and tequila front, these neighbourhood joints blend Latin flair with fresh cooking and great music. Come for their renowned Amigo Hours, when cocktails are £5, bottled beers are £3 and there's a fiver off your bottle of wine. Try their Barrio Angel or Barrio Shoreditch branches for more! 

Mews Cocktail Bar

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Fronting mean mixology from world class bartenders and exuding the charm and austerity of a classic Americana watering hole, Cartizze Bar is a staple for creative cocktails and atmospheric drinking. Nestled in Mayfair you'll find crystal-cut glassware, leather textures and a chrome framed bar where you can perch and sup to your liquor loving hearts content. 

The Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel should be on your list of rooftop restaurants. Their kitchen serves creative and responsibly-sourced dishes, with meat from the best butchers in the city and produce from fresh suppliers, meaning you can hang out in either the covered lounge bar or the inside bar area in style.


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Monday Rum Sessions and 7 other offers

Taking its inspiration from the 1920s Havana heydays, Burlock features a selection of more than 200 different types of rum at its cosy set-up in the heart of Mayfair. The rum cocktails are matched by a selection of Cuban and Caribbean food to complete the experience, and the unique happy hour here runs from open until close - so there's no need to spend big while you're at it.

The Four Sisters

7 user reviews 5

Boasting two wildly experimental yet undoubtedly delicious cocktail lists, The Four Sisters in Islington is easily one of the best cocktail bars in London. Serving up their own tasty interpretation on classic blends, alongside a selection of unique homemade infusions, the cocktails at The Four Sisters are nothing short of perfection, mixed with high quality spirits, fresh ingredients and under the expert hand of their in-house mixologists.

Super secret and only accessible through a fridge door (no, really) if you want to visit the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town's basement cocktail bar, you're going to have to ask nicely. Head to The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch for a bite to eat beforehand - and if he lets you in - enjoy the Mayor's varied range of quirky and classic cocktails.

Ruby's Bar and Lounge

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Imitated by many yet matched by very few, Ruby's is an absolute gem of a basement bar worth stumbling across in Dalston. The main bar area puts the focus on a seasonal menu of innovative drinks, with table service and an intimate atmosphere well suited to all occasions. The Lounge is the livelier space of the two, with a wide choice of beers, wines from Clapton's Verden and Vietnamese street food from the Hanoi Kitchen on offer alongside a curated programme of music and live entertainment.

Trailer Happiness

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This intimate drinking den claims that the “creation and execution of exceptional drinks is our passion”, and who are we to argue? Pop a couple of Hell in the Pacific's down the hatch and it'll be hard to counter this claim, and they're pretty darn serious about the quality of their Dim Sum plates too. A must for all rum aficionados, there's also soothing DJ sets to enjoy at the end of the week.

Bottomless Chicken Wings for £10 and 2 other offers

Not only are the illustrated interiors at Dolls House Islington something to muse over, their cocktail list is a London treasure. A North London cocktail bar with talent and tact, Dolls House Islington whips up classic cocktails and quirky favourites in a truly unique London townhouse. 

The Hide Bar

5 user reviews 4

Hide Bar prides itself on the expression of mixology, taking the cocktail as an art form and looking into its history to develop their craft. You'll find an intimate industrial styled space with a seated only policy making for an intimate cocktail lounge in London. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a cocktail connoissuer or like to dabble in fresh, unique tastes then Hide Bar is best.