Vegan Restaurants In East London

If anywhere is veritable proof that London's meat-eating habits have changes, it's the east. From Shoreditch and Dalston to Hackney and Walthamstow, there's no shortage of restaurants dishing out the best in vegan bites, from pizza and junk food to serious salads. So where to start? Whether it's vegan tacos or seitan burgers, we've come up with a list of some of East London's best vegan restaurants for your chowing pleasure. 


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SpiceBox may be home to the vegan Indian street food that we all know and love, but they've opened a vegan curry house in East London to bring those delicious wares to the masses. Expect classic plates with a meat-free status.

Notorious as one of the first vegan pubs in London, The Spread Eagle have been making strides in the city. From their amped up interiors down to their ever-changing Mexican vegan menu, you're well overdue a visit if you haven't been already. 

While vegan burgers are here to stay, and vegan pizza is getting better by the day, it's vegan fish and chips that was relatively untouched, until Sutton and Sons came about. Their only vegan shop in London, head to the Hackney site for fish-free bites that are as bold as the real thing.