Immersive Experiences in London

London, it's got to be one of the greatest cities in the world; from pubs to clubs and right back to boozy brunches, there's never a shortage of things to do. But sometimes we need a bit of escapism in the capital and reading Harry Potter for the tenth time ain't going to cut it. Fortunately London has a whole heap of immersive experiences to take you away from the sky scrapers; from escape rooms through to partying like it's the 1920s, these are the best immersive experiences in London.

Last updated on 11th December 2019

@ The Hidden Spirit Ship on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

A new venture from the minds behind Alcotraz, this immersive drinking experience will catch you hook, line and sinker. Take part in the epic voyage and steal long-lost treasure from the grasps of the governor, just make sure not to get caught. 

@ Neosight Headquarters, Bankside Arches, SE1 on Various dates from Saturday 4th January 2020

Step into the dystopian world of The Grid as Lollipop bring their latest pop-up to London. The renowned team are turning their hand to the world of AI, as you battle against the clock to defeat the robots, all while enjoying some excellent cocktails.

Taking you to a motorhome science lab away from home, this unique cocktail and pizza making masterclass goes in hard on molecular cocktails and stunning sips across an hour and 45 minutes of fully-immersive action.

@ The Bletchley on Various dates from Saturday 4th January 2020

Crack codes and guzzle some cryptic concoctions at this fully-immersive Chelsea cocktail bar. Inspired by the folks of Bletchley Park, your mission here to is to solves some cyphers and earn yourself some serious sips.

  The Murdér Express

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@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Combining a heart-stopping murder mystery, with a luxury four-course dinner, The Murdér Express is back by popular demand. Presented by Funicular Productions, this immersive experience takes place aboard a 'moving' train as it speeds towards the town of 'Murdér' - that is, if you make it there alive...

@ 56 Leadenhall Street on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

An adrenaline-fuelled epic, this immersive experience combines the iconic soundtrack to The War of The Worlds with cutting edge virtual reality. Strapping on your headset, you'll be transported to the centre of a Martian invasion, where using your skills and wit, you'll have to fight to make it out alive. And if you do? You'll be rewarded with a mouthwatering meal at the steampunk-themed bar.

@ The Mind Palace on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Join The Mind Palace for an immersive cocktail experience to die for. Taking place in Shepherd's Bush, this adventure will throw you into the world of Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis. Your task is simple, solve the case, find the ingredients and drink your success. 

@ Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th December 2019

Relive the hit TV show, as the Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel is transformed into The Nags Head for a unique show. Meet the Trotters and dig into some delicious pub grub with a side of hilarious entertainment and immersive theatre performances.

@ Moonshine Saloon on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Head west to the Moonshine Saloon for one of the funnest immersive experiences in London. Grab a bottle of your favourite spirit and let the expert waiters at this pop up bar mix it into a fabulous cocktail for you.

You might be going to prison, but it's not all bad, because hiding inside is an actual bar. You need to smuggle your favourite bottle of alcohol in so that the inmates can mix you up something spectacular in this immersive drinking experience.

Handmade Mysteries

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The team at Handmade Mysteries promise a pulse-racing, brain-teasing, immersive experience from their escape rooms. From demented dolls to deadly enchantresses, there's plenty on offer and a plethora of scenarios to freak yourselves out a little. 

@ 8 Leake Street on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

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Unleash your inner 007 as you rush around the city, piecing together clues and cracking riddles in an attempt to save hundreds of lives. The threat level is at an all-time high, and with snippets of info being sent to your phone, you'll need to acts fast and beat the clock. 


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Located in a secret Shoreditch members club, gin-house burlesque immerses you in an old-world style night of fun. Head to East London to watch burlesque dancers dazzle with Josphine Baker-inspired acts and a soundtrack that will keep you partying until the early hours.

  Dead Quiet

91 user reviews 5

@ Kensington Central Library on Various dates from Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Experience this thrilling piece of immersive theatre that ties together theatre, puzzle-solving and an enthralling mystery. Taking place in the atmospheric Kensington Central Library, the night tells the tale of a dead homeless man, a missing undercover agent, and a Cold War mystery.

  Gingerline's Grand Expedition

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@ Secret Location on Saturday 14th and Thursday 19th December 2019

Gingerline is returning for a limited period this festive season with another stunning Grand Expedition. This winter, be whisked away on a five-course culinary adventure that'll see you soar through the clouds on a journey around the world from a top-secret location. 

@ Radisson Blu Bloomsbury Street Hotel on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

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Turning one of the nation's best-loved sitcoms into a smash hit experience, this piece of immersive dinner theatre is putting seating you in the Faulty Towers dining room for a three-course meal you won't forget. Interact with a host of iconic characters and enjoy one truly original take on your favourite comedy.

@ The Durham Arms on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Taking over Canning Town's Durham Arms, this quirky pop up is turning out the lights and asking you to rely on your senses of smell, sound and feel as you search for six stolen dragon eggs. With just an hour on the clock time is not on your side, and dark magik lurks around every bend.

  Drink & Play: The Viewing

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@ Ninth Life on Various dates from Friday 13th December 2019

Head over to Catford's Ninth Life where this bizarre immersive event will have you on a flat hunt you didn't ask for. Journey through nine rooms of activity as The Viewing blurs the boundaries between escape room and interactive performance, and they'll be throwing in a drink to boot.

@ Trapped Escape Rooms on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

While we normally wouldn't recommend going to prison, this is an event that promises a slice of what that could be like. An escape room themed around a prison van, use cunning and wit to escape your confines in this unique experience in London. 

  The Dance Before Christmas

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@ The Vaults on Saturday 14th December 2019

An immersive party experience quite like no other, this Christmas The Vaults will host some of the best DJs in the biz. Explore this hidden underground palace whilst drinking and dining to your heart's content. Ticket holders will even be treated to complimentary punch on arrival for the first hour of the evening.


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This sensual experience will transport you to a 1970's Tokyo hotel where guests and actors will be mixed together for a dinner of delicious intrigue and aromatic surprise. Expect the unexpected as you head to the luxurious Shoreditch Townhouse for a truly unique exotic event. 

@ Immersive LDN on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Did someone say Christmas-themed immersive dining? You heard right, because A Christmas Carol is back... but not as you know it. Heading to a sleek Mayfair location, this quirky experience is filled with live performances, festive cheer and 3-courses.

@ Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf on Various dates from Thursday 20th February 2020

This immersive experience doesn't actually involve any drinking but instead will take you on a journey through the world current environmental issues, looking at global warming and animal species extinction, the human race and revival of the space race. It'll also present imaginative alternative futures, sure to inspire and engage you. 

  The Candlelight Club

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@ The Candlelight Club on Various dates from Friday 13th December 2019

One of London's most notorious immersive events is bringing you the magic and intrigue of the 1920s in various locations across the city. Slip into your best dandy suit or flapper dress and get ready for a night of drinking, dancing and dining at this lively shindig.

@ Trapped Escape Rooms on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Think you could hack it in the mysterious world of MI6? Time to prove it. Head to Stratford where Trapped Undercover is putting you on the trail of a double agent. Working in teams of up to six you'll be given clues, puzzles and surveillance footage so you can deduce the identity of the mole before they flee country.

  Bridge Command

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@ COLAB Factory on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Head over to London Bridge where COLAB Factory's latest experience will have you playing starship fighter in Bridge Command. You'll be given a character after which it will be you job to man their fully-interactive ship and try and get yourself and your teammates home alive.

@ 5-15 Sun Street, London, EC2M2PT on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Inspired by the classic movie by Martin Scorsese and the shocking real-life of entrepreneurial criminal mastermind Jordan Belfort, The Immersible Wolf of Wall Street promises to be one of London's hottest tickets. Here, you'll explore four floors of high-stakes drama unfolding before your eyes.  

@ Secret London Location on Various dates from Thursday 12th December 2019

Held at a secret London location this quirky immersive event offers you the chance to live like you're part of the Stranger Things gang. Taking you back to 1985, The Secret Cinema team is transforming a space into Hawkins, Indiana for a series of screenings that will let your inhabit the world from your favourite TV show.