Immersive Experiences in London

London, it's got to be one of the greatest cities in the world; from pubs to clubs and right back to boozy brunches, there's never a shortage of things to do. But sometimes we need a bit of escapism in the capital and reading Harry Potter for the tenth time ain't going to cut it. Fortunately London has a whole heap of immersive experiences to take you away from the sky scrapers; from escape rooms through to partying like it's the 1920s, these are the best immersive experiences in London.

Last updated on 24th June 2020


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Located in a secret Shoreditch members club, gin-house burlesque immerses you in an old-world style night of fun. Head to East London to watch burlesque dancers dazzle with Josphine Baker-inspired acts and a soundtrack that will keep you partying until the early hours.

  The Adventure is Real

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@ Unit 28, Grow Studios on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July 2020

The Adventure Is Real is a unique hybrid of escape rooms, role-play and board games, taking each team of 3 to 6 players on a bespoke and individual adventure with every trip. Based in Hackney Wick this place has a BYOB policy, as well as plenty of game breaks for eating, drinking and being merry.

You might be going to prison, but it's not all bad, because hiding inside is an actual bar. You need to smuggle your favourite bottle of alcohol in so that the inmates can mix you up something spectacular in this immersive drinking experience.

Hidden in the basement of West London's adult playground, the Chelsea Funhouse, you'll find the ultimate immersive cocktail experience. Inspired by the folks of Bletchley Park, your mission here to is to solve some ciphers and earn yourself some serious sips. And when you're finished? You can head downstairs to the late-night espresso bar to party the night away.

  The Murdér Express

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@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Friday 2nd October 2020

Combining a heart-stopping murder mystery, with a luxury four-course dinner, The Murdér Express is back by popular demand. Presented by Funicular Productions, this immersive experience takes place aboard a 'moving' train as it speeds towards the town of 'Murdér' - that is, if you make it there alive...

@ 56 Leadenhall Street on Wednesday 5th August 2020 and 4 other dates

An adrenaline-fuelled epic, this immersive experience combines the iconic soundtrack to The War of The Worlds with cutting edge virtual reality. Strapping on your headset, you'll be transported to the centre of a Martian invasion, where using your skills and wit, you'll have to fight to make it out alive. And if you do? You'll be rewarded with a mouthwatering meal at the steampunk-themed bar.

Taking you to a motorhome science lab away from home, this unique cocktail and pizza making masterclass goes in hard on molecular cocktails and stunning sips across an hour and 45 minutes of fully-immersive action.

Iconic VIP Tours is bringing exciting immersive experiences to you through the power of the internet. Each game is themed around an iconic film or book, and will require you to crack codes, solve riddles and use all your logic to come out top.

@ The Durham Arms on Various dates from Tuesday 1st September 2020

Taking over Canning Town's Durham Arms, this quirky pop up is turning out the lights and asking you to rely on your senses of smell, sound and feel as you search for six stolen dragon eggs. With just an hour on the clock time is not on your side, and dark magik lurks around every bend.

@ Radisson Blu Bloomsbury Street Hotel on Various dates from Saturday 4th July 2020

Turning one of the nation's best-loved sitcoms into a smash hit experience, this piece of immersive dinner theatre is putting seating you in the Faulty Towers dining room for a three-course meal you won't forget. Interact with a host of iconic characters and enjoy one truly original take on your favourite comedy.

A Door In A Wall

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A Door In A Wall is an immersive experience where you and your friends take on the lead roles in a compelling story. From looking for clues in a hidden speakeasy bar to flying through the streets of London, this immersive experience looks to push everyone outside of their comfort zones and force guests to think on a different plain. 

Urban Missions

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Discounts available on certain events

Unleash your inner 007 as you rush around the city, piecing together clues and cracking riddles in an attempt to save hundreds of lives. The threat level is at an all-time high, and with snippets of info being sent to your phone, you'll need to acts fast and beat the clock. 


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This sensual experience will transport you to a 1970's Tokyo hotel where guests and actors will be mixed together for a dinner of delicious intrigue and aromatic surprise. Expect the unexpected as you head to the luxurious Shoreditch Townhouse for a truly unique exotic event. 

Locked in a Room

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A mad professor has been locked in his lab creating havoc; government forces are closing in on important research - you have one hour to solve either of these challenges in this exciting escape room experience. Taking place in ExCeL, there are 13 rooms and two scenarios for you to battle against the clock and each other.

Electronic Theatre

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Ever wanted to step inside a video game? Well now you can as Electronic Theatre have landed in Southbank. The team-building, immersive adventure will have you and your mates take on interactive challenges in LightBoxes, putting you at the heart of the action. 

  The Medieval Banquet

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@ The Ivory Vaults on Various dates from Saturday 4th July 2020

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Head over to St Katherine's Docks where The Ivory Vaults play host to this high-energy and hilarious immersive dining experience. Take your seat at the banqueting table and prepare to feast like a king while the action and entertainment takes place around you.

@ Secret London Location on Various dates from Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Step back in time to the summer of 1963, where love is in the air at Kellerman's Resort. You'll enter a sun-soaked hideaway where the exotic cocktails are flowing, live music is playing and cha cha dancing is in full swing, but there's always something more exciting waiting off the beaten track...