Pretty Restaurants in London

Sucker for something eye-catching? Filling your feed with the finest flat-lays and foliage-filled restaurants in the city? Like to look at nice things because you're human and that's just that? Then you've come to the right place. From eateries with endless palm plants to plush pink velvet corners where brunch reigns supreme, these pretty London restaurants are more than easy on the eye. 

The Soak

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From cured dishes that feature confit pork and cider-pickled eggs to veggie options and gorgeous desserts, the food at The Soak is almost too pretty to eat... almost. When you're not swooning over the Insta-worthy interiors and plates, check out the drinks list too.

If you're looking to update your Insta-feed with a few beautiful food snaps in a pretty restaurant, look no further than Megan's. A favourite among celebrities and bloggers, the restaurant boasts beautiful interiors paired with equally tantalising food offerings. 

Pre-theatre menu

Bourne & Hollingsworth know how to put on a themed event, and they're not shy when it comes to restaurant brimming with flora (look to B&H Buildings), but how do they fare with rooftop restaurants? Pretty damn good actually. Littered with fuirt-laden trees and boasting a rooftop terrace, Bourne & Hollingsworth Garden Room is as beaut as they come.

Rail House Cafe

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Village London know how to put a looker of a restaurant together, they've done it in the shape of Riding House Cafe, but we're looking to Nova Victoria for another beaut. From rattan chairs and elegant bar stools to dim lighting and banquet dining, Rail House Cafe is a fun and tasteful mix of textures propped up by an international menu.


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If you've never heard of Sketch, you've never opened Instagram, and if you've never opened Instagram... let us explain Sketch. One of the prettiest places to eat and drink in London, Sketch is an enviable plot that promises everything from afternoon tea flanked by pink velvet interiors, gastro cuisine in a woodland setting, and those (yes, those) egg-shaped toilets.

When Pantone announced that their colour of 2019 was a cool, coral hue, Omar's Place must have been listening. Giving you peachy, coral tones alongside golden flecks and velvet touches, Omar's Place has interiors that promise as much creativity as their dishes (think sardines with a smoked oil snow).