Easter Sunday Events in London 2018

Wondering what to do on Easter Sunday? Just like Jesus, London comes alive on Easter Sunday - with various parties, events and happenings going on all across the city. The city's bars and clubs throw various themed nights and on trend debauchery in honour of Easter in London, so make sure you stay tuned for our recommended Easter Sunday 2018 Events in London.

4 events @ 2 venues with 128 upcoming dates starting on 03 Jun 2018

Enterntainment, food and boozing to boot? There's only one place to be this Easter weekend in London, and it's a pretty unique place to be at that. Not only two of the coolest darts bars in London, The Flight Club are hosting a boozy, brunch this Easter Sunday in Shoreditch and Bloomsbury. 

6 events @ 5 venues with 202 upcoming dates starting on 12 Apr 2018

1 Big Night Out brings you the best pub crawl in town this Easter Sunday, and this time you won't have to call in sick on Monday. Hit up some of the best pubs, clubs and bars in town, with free shots and happy hour drinks deals all night.

The Jam Tree Clapham

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The Jam Tree Clapham is a fine choice for an afternoon of lazing this Easter Sunday. Fusing British and Colonial style cuisine, this pub in Clapham serves up all sorts, from Jamaican curry to Sontong Manis Battered Sticky Squid. The interior is colourful, the drinks are well priced and there is even a beer garden if the weather is nice. The perfect spot at which to wile away your Easter Sunday. 

7 events @ The Exhibit with 47 upcoming dates starting on 03 Jun 2018

Join The Exhibit for an all-singing, all-dancing Easter extravaganza. You can expect these guys are going to go all-out with glitter, music, food and so much more - if you don't want a boring Easter Sunday, you know where to go.