Top 10 Bars with Hidden Rooms

You see that rather innocuous looking bookshelf there? Give it a nudge. Nine times out of ten you’ll succeed only in winning the intrigue of a group of curious on-lookers. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll stumble into one of London’s notorious secret rooms; rife with luscious drinks, cosy interiors and an oh-so chic crowd of well-informed revellers. Check out our top 10 bars with hidden rooms in London and unearth a hidden gem on your next night out.

Revolution Bar Leadenhall

Make your way through the hustle and bustle of City workers as you head to Leadenhall's grand branch of Revolution. It's all chesterfield booths, creative cocktails and mood lighting, but if you head downstairs... that's where the real party's at. Housed in an old school bank vault, The Vault is the perfect hideaway with all the same glitz and glamour, minus the crowds.