Top 10 Bars with Hidden Rooms

You see that rather innocuous looking bookshelf there? Give it a nudge. Nine times out of ten you’ll succeed only in winning the intrigue of a group of curious on-lookers. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll stumble into one of London’s notorious secret rooms; rife with luscious drinks, cosy interiors and an oh-so chic crowd of well-informed revellers. Check out our top 10 bars with hidden rooms in London and unearth a hidden gem on your next night out.

Breathing a whole new lease of life into the word nightcap, Punch Room is hidden deep within the depths of the glamorous EDITION hotel. Leave the trainers at home and make your way to Fitzrovia where this punch-centric cocktail bar awaits. The signature gin-infused house punch isn't one to miss, so grab a glass, sit back and relax.

The Little Blue Door

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£10 for Half a Dozen Oysters and £10 Steaks on Wednesdays only and 1 other offer

Haven't been to The Little Blue Door? Well, let us paint a picture for you. It's like the flat you always wish you had... the one that everyone wants to come to because you have a cool place in Fulham, with a fully stocked bar and the most fun housemates. There's dinner parties, late nights and quirky spaces decked out with games and karaoke.

Revolution Bar Leadenhall

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Make your way through the hustle and bustle of City workers as you head to Leadenhall's grand branch of Revolution. It's all chesterfield booths, creative cocktails and mood lighting, but if you head downstairs... that's where the real party's at. Housed in an old school bank vault, The Vault is the perfect hideaway with all the same glitz and glamour, minus the crowds.


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Those folks at GOAT don't leave anything to chance. They're so intent on keeping the Chelsea Prayer Room a secret that they've tucked it away behind a secret door, with a code that changes frequently for added protection. Scale these various obstacles and find old school jazz, plush sofas and cocktails from unmarked vintage medicine bottles.

This one is so cool we don't even want to ruin the surprise. Simply stride into the Breakfast Club's Liverpool Street location, stand somewhere in the vicinity of the brightly coloured Smeg Fridge and proclaim yourself “here to see the Mayor”. Seriously, just do it!

Admit it. You were born to belt out power ballads and drop breathless DJ sets to an adoring crowd, and you know it. There's no better place to kick start your career than The Studio, LCC's secretive, leather-clad pad complete with lashings of Ketel One vodka and its very own showpiece recording studio.

The King of Ladies Man

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The Brekky Club return to the list with another of their elusive favourites, this time found behind an obscure sliding wall in their Battersea venue's launderette. Find your way inside an settle into this 70s-styled bachelor pad, to find innovative cocktails teamed with bites served by handsome blokes in Hawaiian shirts.