Mexican and Tequila Bars

Arriiiiii-bar. If your idea of seventh heaven is a heaving fajita, washed down with a punchy mezcal cocktail or even a couple of shots of that Mexican must, tequila, then London has the Mexican bars to hit the spot. Whether it's the flavourful food or gut-kicking drinks, the charming Mexican bars of this city will wow you, and draw you back again and again. So don on your finest poncho, saddle up the donkey, fire up those tequila shots and salsa your way down our recommended list of Mexican and tequila bars in London.

Last updated on 13th September 2018

If you're looking for a Wahackin' good time then the Terrace Bar lives up to all its siblings Mexican glory. With a range of sumptuously smoky Tequilas and Mezcal remedies waiting to be sipped, try the traditional tastes of Mehico with a slammer of these golden glories. Bursting with hispanic flavour and sass, there's tamarind, lime, hibiscus, grapefruit and mint essences by the bucking broco load. 

HAPPY HOUR 2 FOR 12! 4:30-19:00

London Cocktail Club Oxford Circus is themed to be a Gangster Tequila Paradise. With plenty of Mexican and California influences, it is an interesting party place. The bar has a main focus on tequila and whisky to create extravagant and delicious cocktails. For a late night party place, something a bit different than you're used to.

Variety is the buzzword of the day at Azulito. There's no less than 80 varieties of 100% agave tequila for you to choose between, either straight or mixed up in a majestic margarita. Getting comfy shouldn't be an issue – there's plenty of tan-leather recliners or swinging basket chairs, and a lively party to be had if you're coming at the weekend.

Brimming with tequila treats and mezcal potions this colourful lil' drinking den shouts Mexican spirit by the shot load. Mexcaleria packs a punchy, vibrant thump to London's drinking scene continuing the fancy-fun vibes of Wahaca to bring Mexico's drinking trend to us tequila thirsty Brits.