26 Great Ideas For Tourists in London

Whether it's your first, second, third or fourth time visiting London, there's no shortage of things to do for tourists, that's for sure. From eclectic walking tours and trips on the London Eye to rowdy bar crawls and historic talking points, we're here to help you weave your way through the very best that London has to offer. Check out our recommendations for the best of London nightlife for tourists and get familiar with this oh-so-cosmopolitan city. 

Last updated on 13th September 2023

The Silent Disco Boat

If there's one fun thing to do in London before you leave on further travels, it's silent disco. And not just any silent disco, this is a silent disco on a boat. Join this late night party for a fun filled romp across the Thames alongside a killer playlist.

Flight Club

Looking for a night out during your visit to London that promises fun, food and drinks combined? Blending pizza and cocktails with state of the art dart boards, not only does it look great on Instagram, Flight Club are one of the best nights out in the city. 


Looking for a truly unique way to dine and see the city at the same time? This unique bus ride around London pairs fine dining with iconic landmarks as you feast on expertly-created dishes with a fine wine pairing, under a glass-topped roof giving you panoramic views.

See Your City

From Jack The Ripper walking tours to ghouls, ghosts, cheese and even Harry Potter, there's plenty of cool themes to help you uncover the sights of London over at See Your City. Nab an affordable ticket now to find out what all the fuss is about.

BucketRace Scavenger Hunts

Whether you're still navigating the city or a seasoned Londoner, this scavenger hunt will take you on a tour of London like you've never seen before. From miscellaneous tasks to whacky challenged and quirky activities, this is one for any group.

Game of Stones Treasure Hunts

Is there a better way of exploring a new town or destination than a treasure hunt? Grab your friends, or go solo and enjoy a wild adventure led by exciting technology on your phone. You'll not only get a chance to win a prize, but you will also find out some fascinating historical facts too.

London Premier Walking Tours

Searching for cool things to do outdoors around the city? Boasting themes such as Shakespeare, serial killers, Sweeney Todd and treasure hunts, London Premier Walking Tours is the ideal event for tourists looking for quirkier ways to explore.

StreetHunt Games

What do you get when you combine an escape room with a scavenger hunt and a mystery? StreetHunt Games of course. You'll be exploring the streets of London and cracking clues on this self-guided outdoor activity.

Gaol Birds of Old London- wicked women and cunning jades

@ Central Criminal Court on Sunday 24th September 2023 and 2 other Sundays

Meet outside The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court and enjoy this unique walking tour. Gaol Birds of Old London is highlighting infamous female felons, by showing you all the places past crimes and executions have happened. Plus, with an added element of street theatre, you'll even get to meet them too.

Ale Hunters

Are you a tourist in London looking to get to know the city's best beer? Join Ale Hunters as they explore pubs, craft breweries and taprooms while teaching you all you need to know about the creation process, with plenty of tasting opportunities (of course). 


Need some fun Central London plans? Then make your way to Proud Cabaret City for some top-notch entertainment with tasty grub. Sit back and relax, while enjoying a carefully curated menu, as well as one helluva show, whether it's a unique dance act or a cabaret performance.

London Boat Party

With over 50 years of experience under their belts, these are the OG boat party crew. Hope aboard and set sail on the Thames as you dance the night away, with flowing drinks and non-stop party hits throughout the four-hour adventure. 


Put a little razzle dazzle in your night at one of the best burlesque events in London. Not only is this sultry night found at one of the most exclusive secret bars in the city, you'll get familiar with some of the best performers in the business. 

Sky Garden

What better way to see the capital in all its glory than from above? Head over to Sky Garden for panoramic views of the city, as well as a whole host of epic events. Whether you fancy a gin tasting, live music session or cute breakfast at sunrise, this is the place of London tourist dreams.