Best Places for a Tinder Date in London

After swiping right and a few days of awkward conversation, you've finally worked up the courage to ask that amazing match of yours on a date. Congratulations for making it this far, but now you need a list of the best places for a Tinder date in London, and you need it fast. But don't worry, we've got you covered with all the bars, restaurants and events that are fancy, quirky and fun enough to cover any interest listed in the their Tinder bio. We'll worry about where to take your Tinder date, you worry about your aftershave.

Inamo Soho

154 user reviews 4

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You met through the wonders of technology, so why not bond over dinner about it at Inamo Soho. Through their table, you can order delicious food while also messing around by playing a game of Battleships with your date. Perfect place to take your Tinder date in London if you worry a normal dinner could get a bit awkward.

Salsa! Soho

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Salsa is one of those fun bars in London to take your date that offers affordable food and drink coupled with a real party attitude as the night progresses. The music is pure Latin American and gives you the perfect opportunity to put on those dancing shoes and throw some serious shapes. Or, for something more structured, they also offer fun cocktail masterclasses everday, if you need to guarentee that South American courage.

@ The Candlemaker on Every Saturday

When their bio says 'loves a laugh with friends,' you have to take them to Steamy Bingo Bottomless Brunch at the Candlemaker. The Clapham bar is offering a seemingly endless amount of booze and food while the hilarious Tina Turner Tea Lady eases you along with a game of bingo. Definitely a quirky place for a Tinder date.


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Circus-themed Aeronaut is definitely somewhere different to take your Tinder date in London. Outside is a wonderful beer garden filled with coconut shy, hook-a-duck and even strong man booths. Inside, the pub shows off its airborne cabaret and circus performers stage gymnastic feats that will keep you gasping in delight.

Six Storeys on Soho

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To really push that 'exclusive, important person' image you've been building up on chat, bring your date to the Six Storeys, where you'll enjoy a bar that focuses on the 'Square's colourful and bohemian past.' Sit in the decadent first two floors or book a more private space in one of its many themed floors, which combined really makes it one of the best places to take your Tinder date in London.

Pong London

65 user reviews 4

Putting a fun and contemporary twist on the popular pre-drinking game of beer pong,  this Islington party bar is the perfect place break the ice with a little flirty competition. Boasting mood lighting, great happy hour deals and a weekend basement club, this spot has everything you need for a fun and easy going first date.

Simmons Camden Town

83 user reviews 4

Happy Hour ALL NIGHT for all of September!!!

First impressions are important on a date and the kitsch, quirky interior of crystal skulls and neon signs will certainly do that. But their wonderfully weird cocktails served in intriguing crockery will keep the conversation flowing and the five hour long happy hour will keep your wallet happy. If you're close to Euston, head to their Euston Square spot.

The Four Quarters

22 user reviews 5

If the reason you swiped right was because they claimed to love 'beer and video games' then The Four Quarters is the date location made in heaven. With a wide selection of craft beers on offer and different themed nights at the weekend, it's really the retro arcade games that steal the show. There's nothing like a bit of competition to ease a date along and, if it all goes badly, then at least you've got the new high score on Ms Pacman.