Vegetable Cocktails in London

We all know that scoffling copious amounts of cocktails induces that warm and fuzzy feeling, but it's often tainted by the encroaching worry of the dreaded sugar/vodka/rum/whisky hangover. Crafty mixologists all over London have set their minds to alleviating the guilt of dedicated cocktail drinkers by concocting an array of strange and wonderful vegetable cockails. We've foraged out some of the very best, so peruse away and find out if 1 dollop of butternut squash plus 10 shots of liquor = no hangover.

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As can only be expected from the maestros at the London Cocktail Club, they have one of the strangest offerings of veggie based liquor. The Green Bean Martini is a fabulously quirky mixture of gin and green bean infused cocchi Americano. Like Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk fame, you may also reach new heights....and see some peculiar things....with the aid of a good dose of this magical tincture. Leave your evening in the hands of the crazed and genius medicine makers and ask for several repeat prescriptions. Go's good for you!

Callooh Callay

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Head down the rabbit hole for some herbivorous treats at Callooh Callay. Those mischievous mixologists have created the Pea-ter Rabbit (always a fan of a pun!) with gin, green tea and anis infused Niolly Prat (whatever that is), carrot shrub and a dash of absinthe for good measure. Mixing mythical tales rather, hop straight from Alice in Wonderland to Narnia and go through the wardrobe into the lounge area. Hop on down to experience this weird and wonderful wonderland. 

Don't be put off that this swanky cocktail bar used to be a public lav, it's cool as hell and serves awesome cocktails. Making vegetables exotic, The Taproot consists of carrot gin, yuzu coulis and a red mustard seed-infused Creole shrub liqueur. Spruced up in chrome and marble, this slick establishment has exchanged lavatorial functionalism for 20s art deco chic; from crapper to dapper. 

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There are many ways to describe a vegetable...wholesome, leafy, rooty, yummy, yucky and even dirty. But sinister, forboding, threatening...not so much. However, The Experimental Cocktail club has managed to make the harmless vegetable seem ominous in From the Depths, with Kraken spiced rum, pressed beetroot juice, angostura bitters, lime and orgeat for £12. With three floors to explore, you could even go for a power walk. However, this suggests maniacal commitment to the health kick, and with such low lighting and so many plush textures around, we suggest you plop down in a shadowy corner and smile blearily and contentedly for the duration of the evening. 

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Officially named The World's Best Bar, The Artesian has fully embraced the rise of the veggie cocktail, offering an array of imaginatively conceived and astoundingly skilfully mixed vegetable poisons. Try the Time, Space and Honey with parsnip, Grey Goose, honey and champagne or The Camouflage with carrot, Tanqueray No.10, Americano, Sandalwood and Kombucha, both for £16.50. Alex Kratena, the head bartender, has won multiple awards for his mixing skills, so get down there and sample the delights! 

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Lounge Bohemia

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Recline gracefully in one of Lounge Bohemia's elegant chairs or hunch into one of the cave-like enclaves to enjoy this hidden treasure's glorious cocktails. Order a Beet Punch with spiced rum, beetroot, peppermint and lemon for a sprightly perk-me-up. Don a space-suit or bee-keeping suit but for heaven's sake don't you dare rock up in any form of business suit, be it double-breasted, pin-striped, skinny or with a tail attached to it. Lounge Bohemia's attitude to cocktails is far from casual, but this is strictly a place for a relaxed rendezvous.  

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The St James bar has shaken up a thoroughly delicious sounding cocktail to honour Peter Laroche's Vegetable Exhibition. The Laroche is a divine mixture of tomatoes, basil, soy sauce, mushrooms and cucumber juice. Take virgin for £11 or with gin for £16. Go ornnn, you're being cultural and wholesome enough with all the art and vegetables already! Available from 18 September to 31 October to tie in with the exhibition, pay a visit this month for an immersive legume experience. 

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City Social

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Peas: Those little monkeys have rolled off your Sunday roast plate and into you cocktails. For £11 The City Social brings you the Pea - lini, a refreshing mixture of salted pea cordial, spearmint, butterfly absinthe and prosecco. Never before have peas been so glamorous. However, anything drunk whilst gazing over London from the 24th floor of Tower 42 is going to be pretty spectacular. Don't fight the urge to scan the skyline pensively, sip your drink and mutter......'my kingdom'. 

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Mark's Bar Soho

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Do you like mushy peas? Do you like alcohol? Fantastic! Get yourself a Stiff Upper Lip with pea infused gin, cider vinegar, quinine cordial and mint. Lip-smackingly good. Peruse the eccentric cocktail list, play a game of billiards or simply wonder at the apothecary style drinks cabinet. Mark's Bar is a seriously slick and gloriously quirky drinking experience!