Best Whisky Bars in London

"Too much of anything is bad. Too much of good whisky is barely enough." Mark Twain

Discover the difference between Scotch and Bourbon, malt and grain whiskies, blended, single malt and cask strength whiskies at these notorious whisky bars in London. From the secret, discreet and romantic to the established and the historical, we're bringing you delicious drams left right and centre in our guide to the best whisky spots in the city.

Black Rock

292 user reviews 5

When looking for whisky bars in London, you need the cool setting appropriate for the drink. Cue Black Rock, a contemporary and minimalist drinking space with enough quirks to keep you coming back for more. Most will be drawn by the 250 bottles of whisky displayed in their 'library', others for the 18ft, 185-year-old oak tree trunk that acts as an interactive cocktail ageing system in the centre of the room.

The Luggage Room

22 user reviews 4

There's one important thing to remember when it comes to indulging in fine whisky in London, it's not all about quantity but rather the quality. Join The Luggage Room as they promise a back bar that boasts a varying selection of whisky bottles, ranging from the shores of Japan to the Scottish Highlands.

Old Tom's Bar

55 user reviews 5

Tucked away in the heart of Leadenhall Market, Old Tom's is a hidden gem of a bar serving a first-rate collection of whiskies in an atmospheric setting. With wall tiles dating back to the 19th century and lots of tasty cheese and charcuterie boards to soak up all that booze, swing by after work and pick out your favourite from 17 whisky brands ideal for a casual nightcap or indulging on a school night.

The Britannia

247 user reviews 5

This Kensington pub is home to over 100 bottles of whisky. We repeat, 100 bottles! Not only is The Britannia coming up trumps in terms of whisky variety, their back bar is a high-end nod to some of the very best bottles of whisky in the entire world.

Aviator at Hush

101 user reviews 5

Chic, stylish and swish, Hush Mayfair is bringing private members club vibes without the price tag. Join the sophisticated venue for whiskies from around the world, including world-famous Japan, Scotland and America, all of which are perfect with one of their steak or seafood dishes.

Blues Kitchen Camden

26 user reviews 4

The Blues Kitchen, one of the most famous whisky and blues bars in London, is renowned for Bourbons and Tennessee whiskies. The Blues Kitchen's staff will be on hand to find the right companion for you and your blues. They offer an affordable whisky experience, with the benefit of a bourbon club subscription, which rewards The Blues Kitchen elders by being firsts to sample all the different varieties on offer.