Around The World In 20 Bars

Are you desperate to travel the world but struggling to find the funds? Or are you simply looking to try something which is slightly out of your comfort zone? Whether it's Southern France, Brazil or the 'Deep South' of the USA, London's vibrant nightlife has something for you. If you are looking for an adventure or a chance to sample different cultures then this list of bars is for you. Travel around the world in 20 bars, bars which take their influence from all corners of the globe. Happy travels!

Blues Kitchen Camden

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Blues Kitchen in Camden encapsulates the atmosphere of an American dive bar, in all the right ways. An ideal spot for music lovers, Blues Kitchen has live music and DJ sets throughout the week playing vintage soul, country, rock 'n' roll and of course blues. Offering their customers traditional American BBQ and soul food favourites, with an impressive amount of Kentucky bourbon stocked behind the bar as well as cocktails and beers, Blues Kitchen is the ideal place to sit back and relax, USA style.



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Hiding behind a plain green door and up a dark staircase, Opium is a cocktail and dim sum parlour in Gerrard Street. A stark contrast to the dark staircase, Opium is a luxurious and ornate bar reflecting the oriental influence but with a modern edge. Serving carefully crafted cocktails with an oriental twist, indulge in drinks such as the Feather of the Pheonix and munch on dim sum until late to combat any peckish moments.

Barrio Soho

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Housing a fusion of different Latin cities Barrio Soho has a neighbourhood feel with a distinct party atmosphere. With cocktails taking their inspiration from South America and organised into regions, you are able to sample as many different cultures as you wish in one night. A real culture clash, head to Barrio Soho to experience a sunny slice of South America in London.

Barrio Shoreditch

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Barrio Shoreditch is a cantina and club providing East London with a Latino vibe. Serving up cocktails with a tropical twist and tapas throughout the day Barrio Shoreditch is the place to go for a lively South American atmosphere. Bright and colourful enough to brighten up even the greyest of days, Barrio Shoreditch have live music and DJs playing until 1am providing a real South American experience.


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Dishing up traditional Brazilian cuisine in a bright and beautiful environment, Floripa provides customers with the true taste of Brazil even on the greyest of days. Why not wash it down with a bottle of Xingo, a traditional Brazilian black beer from the rainforest; and if that doesn't spark your interest then one of their cocktails certainly will. With late night live music and DJs playing their unique sound, Floripa offers customers the opportunity to experience a Brazilian beach party without having to leave London.


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Located in an old vault in an auction house, Baranis is a cocktail bar which takes it's influence from Southern France. Named after its wide range of Pastis and Absinthe drinks, Baranis brings all the style and glamour of Southern France to the heart of The City. Serving refreshing and innovative cocktails including a Thyme Daiquiri and Julie's Mamou as well as some traditional French lounge drinks, Baranis brings the taste of Provence to Chancery Lane.

The Courtesan

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The Courtesan in Brixton offers their customers the experience the ancient Empire of China in South London. Serving traditional aromatic teas, dim sum as well as cocktails and wines, this is the perfect place to enjoy a meal or light bite. Reliving the regal roots of dim sum whilst using fresh modern ingredients from around the world The Courtesan tries recreates the taste of this ancient Empire. For a chance to relive traditional Chinese cuisine and drinks in an intimate setting, Courtesan is the place to go.