Bars That Won't Make You Feel Old In London

You've earned your stripes on the city's clubbing scene, done the whole Jagerbombs with pounding house music thing, and are over 6am finishes; but just because we're a little older and wiser(ish), it doesn't mean we're not still up for a big one. From sophisticated basement bars through to seductive rum joints, the capital is full of drinking dens that strike a happy medium. Read our guide to London bars for the over-25s.

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Last updated on 23rd January 2024

The Coral Room

1920s grand salon bar The Coral Room is a stunning space that's perfect for over 25s, adorned with 56 bespoke illustrations by artist Luke Edward Hall. For light lunches, cocktails, afternoon tea and the world's longest list of English Sparkling wine, this is the place.