Your Guide To London's Best Immersive Art Exhibitions In 2023

Published . By Lauren Cole.

From interactive experiences and augmented reality to walking among the famous works of Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Monet or Klimt, our city has really stepped things up a notch when it comes to viewing art. Forget your bog-standard gallery visits and silent spaces, these immersive art exhibitions in London for 2022 to 2023 have you feeling like you're right at the heart of each piece.


Van Gogh Exhibit: The Immersive Experience

Until 27th February January 2023, Shoreditch

Chances are, you've heard of London's Van Gogh Exhibit: The Immersive Experience tucked away in Shoreditch. Perhaps one of the most famous (and tragic) artists, the Dutchman can be appreciated through two-storey projections of his greatest pieces. But this isn't just a visual and VR masterpiece, as there's ethereal soundscapes to accompany your journey through the space too.

Van Gogh Exhibit The Immersive Experience London Art | DesignMyNight

Stand right among the brushstrokes of 'The Starry Night' here.

Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience

From 23rd December 2022 until 25th February 2023, The Boiler House

A new choice for an immersive art experience in London, Dalí Cybernetics opens just before Christmas 2022, bringing the Catalonian artist's mastery of Surrealism to the capital. Combining cutting-edge 360 degree projection, interactive elements and virtual reality headsets for the famous melting clocks in 'The Persistence of Memory', the exhibition plunges you deeper into his world.

Dali Cybernetics Immersive Art Experience London | DesignMyNight

London's immersive art scene is about to be joined by this beauty.

Dopamine Land: Immersive Multisensory Experience

Until 26th February 2023, South Kensington

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Dopamine Land London aims to leave you with that inexplicably warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from joy. Sip bubble tea under a bubbling installation, be mesmerised by meditative fire lanterns, and even venture inside a popcorn room to evoke childhood nostalgia or get a taste. Plus, if you're a fan of pillow fights, there's a place for that too.

Dopamine Land London Immersive Art Exhibition | DesignMyNight

Pure bliss? You'll find it at Dopamine Land.


Until 30th April 2023, Marble Arch

When in need of an immersive art gallery in London, Frameless is your best bet. Featuring the works of multiple famous artists - think Klimt, Monet, Rousseau and more - across many rooms, there are plenty of sights to behold here. Motion sensors change the artwork as you pass, while the variety of themed spaces range from Abstract to Surrealism and even landscapes mixed with cityscapes.

Frameless London Immersive Art | DesignMyNight

A gathering of themed immersive exhibitions at London's Marble Arch, Frameless isn't to be missed.

Synaethesia Exhibition

Until 30th May 2023, Colours Hoxton

After free immersive exhibitions in London from 2022 to 2023? Championing female and non-binary musicians, the music-mad Colours Hoxton is bringing them to life across an immersive augmented reality portrait gallery called Synaethesia. Scan the QR code with your phone on arrival to see the images come to life before your very eyes.

Synaethesia Exhibition Immersive Art London | DesignMyNight

Interested in augmented reality? This is the exhibition for you.

Weird Sensation Feels Good: The World of ASMR

Until 10th April 2023, The Design Museum

From the soothing tones of Bob Ross painting to cuddling into sausage pillows and watching an artificial, animated tongue salivate, Weird Sensation Feels Good: The World of ASMR is truly one of a kind. A great choice of interactive exhibitions in London, it's all about exploring what kind of stimulation gives you that indescribably brain-tingling feeling.

Weird Sensation Feels Good The World Of ASMR London | DesignMyNight

You can even create calming soundscapes at The Design Museum.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms

Until 2nd April 2023, Tate Modern

Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms are world-famous, popping up across Instagram feeds and TikTok alike. Having extended its stay at Tate Modern multiple times due to incredible demand, it's still a mad rush to get weekend tickets for this twinkling beauty, where the light display is magnified by reflective water and mirrors. Just don't fall off the walkway and take an unexpected dip.

Infinity Mirror Rooms Immersive Exhibition London | DesignMyNight

This immersive exhibition in London has sold out time and time again.

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