Your Guide To London's 13 Best Immersive Art Exhibitions In 2024

From interactive experiences and augmented reality to walking among the famous works of Van Gogh, Monet or Wes Anderson, our city has really stepped things up a notch when it comes to viewing art. Forget your bog-standard gallery visits and silent spaces, these are the best immersive art exhibitions London has ready to book right now.


Frameless Exhibition London

Ongoing Availability, Marble Arch

When you want a whole gallery of immersive art, Frameless London is your best bet. Featuring the works of multiple famous artists - think Klimt, Monet, Rousseau and more - across many rooms, there are plenty of sights to behold here. Motion sensors change the artwork as you pass, while the variety of themed spaces range from Abstract to Surrealism and even landscapes mixed with cityscapes.

Frameless London Immersive Art Gallery | DesignMyNight

A gathering of the best immersive exhibitions in London for 2024, Frameless isn't to be missed.


Permanent, Canary Wharf

A revolutionary space for contemporary digital art, Illusionaries is a series of artist-led exhibitions with a changing roster of experiential offerings. Immerse yourself in light, sound and motion at their latest: Latent Spaces by Markos Kay. This ethereal work explores the role of artificial intelligence in humanity to blur the lines between reality and simulation.

Illusionaries Experiential Art Hub | DesignMyNight

See some of the best immersive art in London with tickets to Illusionaries.

Van Gogh Exhibit: The Immersive Experience

Ongoing Availability, Shoreditch

Chances are, you've heard of the Van Gogh Immersive Experience tickets. Perhaps one of the most famous (and tragic) artists, the Dutchman can be appreciated through two-storey projections of his greatest works. But this isn't just a visual and VR masterpiece, as there are ethereal soundscapes to accompany your journey through the space too.

Van Gogh Exhibit The Immersive Experience London | DesignMyNight

Stand right among the brushstrokes of 'The Starry Night' at this immersive Van Gogh exhibition.

Disney 100: The Exhibition

Ongoing Availability, Excel London

Described as the 'ultimate museum' dedicated to the famous animation studio, Disney 100: The Exhibition features 250 rare artefacts, artworks, costumes, props, and memorabilia to be explored across an unreal display of nostalgia and child-like joy. Alongside this, you can also expect to find ten themed galleries showcasing favourites like Snow White and newer films like Encanto, plus interactive Mickey and Minnie Mouse artworks from renowned British artist Dominic Harris.

Disney 100: The Exhibition In London | DesignMyNight

Get your nostalgia hit with a Disney exhibition.

The Art Of The Brick London: A LEGO® Art Exhibit

Ongoing Availability, Brick Lane

Found in The Boiler House on none other than Brick Lane (what better location for a LEGO® exhibition?) is The Art Of The Brick. One million bricks have been made into over 100 works of art across the space here, such as a six-metre T-Rex, a recreation of Michelangelo’s David, a reimagined version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and more, alongside an LED light and sound show to boot. You can even get involved further in the 'build your own' area after being inspired by the expo.

The Art Of The Brick | DesignMyNight

Unleashing your inner kid is easy with these LEGO® artworks.

Delight: Media Art Exhibition

Ongoing Availability, Southwark

Delight is an absolute mecca of interactive art, promising you the the chance to journey through 25 immersive installations that help you uncover the city of Seoul without stepping a foot outside of London. Artists, designers, engineers and storytellers have come together to create rooms of illuminated lanterns, mythical forests where the Gods dwell and much more in a merging of culture and technology.

Delight Media Art | DesignMyNight

From one capital city to another, Delight takes you across the globe.

Dopamine Land: Immersive Multisensory Experience

Ongoing Availability, South Kensington

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Dopamine Land aims to leave you with that inexplicably warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes from joy. Sip bubble tea under a bubbling installation, be mesmerised by meditative fire lanterns, and even venture inside a popcorn room to evoke childhood nostalgia or get a taste. Plus, if you're a fan of pillow fights, there's a place for that too.

Dopamine Land London Immersive Art Exhibition | DesignMyNight

Pure bliss? You'll find it at Dopamine Land.

The Moonwalkers: A Journey With Tom Hanks

Until October 2024, King's Cross

Tom Hanks narrates The Moonwalkers, an immersive insight into the Apollo missions and the impending return of crewed surface exploration in the Artemis Programme. Lightroom's projection takes you on a voyage to the moon itself, all while behind-the-scenes details are unveiled and an original score from Anne Nikitin - performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - is played.

The Moonwalkers At Lightroom | DesignMyNight

This one's out of this world - quite literally.

Bubble Planet: An Immersive Experience

Ongoing Availability, Wembley

Forget ya standard ol' bubble bath or wand, Bubble Planet is making sure you can experience this globular fun to the absolute max. Spanning everything from glowing infinity rooms with light-up spheres to giant ball pits, inflatable playgrounds, VR and even a hot air balloon simulator, this interactive exhibition aims to stimulate all five of your senses.

Bubble Planet | DesignMyNight

Feel like a kid again at Bubble Planet.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms

Until April 2024, Tate Modern

Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms are world-famous, popping up across Instagram feeds and TikTok alike. Having extended its stay at Tate Modern multiple times due to incredible demand, it's still a mad rush to get weekend tickets for this twinkling beauty, where the light display is magnified by reflective water and mirrors. Just don't fall off the walkway and take an unexpected dip.

Infinity Mirror Rooms Immersive Exhibition London | DesignMyNight

This trailblazer of immersive art shows in London has sold out time and time again.

Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition

Ongoing Availability, South Kensington

Bringing the aesthetics of the famous film director to life with examples from across the globe is Accidentally Wes Anderson. This unique photography exhibition has the signature focus on symmetry and warm colour that we all know and love, alongside themed rooms with immersive elements to capture your own Anderson-inspired moment.

Accidentally Wes Anderson | DesignMyNight

An immersive art experience in London that will have you feeling like a movie star.


Permanent, Charing Cross Road

After a free immersive art gallery near London's Tottenham Court Road station? Outernet is an interactive entertainment district where the latest technology awaits. Having featured The Spaces In-Between - a free light exhibition featuring works from visual artist Rupert Newman that respond to body movement - The Now Building has since played host to The Summer Palace and The Butterfly Experience. This spring, expect blossom to be the pretty-in-pink theme of choice at the Nature's Confetti installation in collaboration with the National Trust.

Outernet Free Immersive Art London | DesignMyNight

These picks of free immersive art in London are fully interactive.

Twist Museum

Permanent, Oxford Street

Twist Museum is a collaboration between artists, neuroscientists and philosophers. There's a whole world of illusion to be found here, with a range of rooms helping you to uncover how your brain responds to reality being twisted. From not knowing which way is up to corridors that seem to go on forever, each interactive element is mind-bending at this top pick of immersive museum exhibitions.

Twist Museum Immersive Museum London | DesignMyNight

Time to trick your mind at an immersive art gallery in London.

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