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The Immersive Escape Room Game That Comes To You! 



The Aftermath Experience is a series of inter-linked escape game adventures, of which can be played in any order.
Each Assignment offers players an individual stand-alone experience. However, playing the games
back to back, collectively builds a richer narrative for players, immersing them in a larger, shared universe...





AFTERMATH - ASSIGNMENT I: ON THE BRINK is an intense, two-hour experience where team players
are thrown into a near-future world. There, they must work alongside their mysterious Mission Master,
Agent 12, to solve a series of uniquely challenging tasks. These tasks will require team work,
clear communication, lateral and logical thinking, an eye for detail and strong investigative instincts. 
Five Minutes In The Future. The body of the respected investigative reporter, Emilia Sarnowska,
is found murdered after a cryptic and distressing email message is sent to The Ministry. The cause
of death is unknown. Across the globe, dark forces prepare to execute the last stage of an insidious
plan that will threaten the entire world. For you, it’s a normal day. It's a party, a get-together,
a work meeting.






AFTERMATH - ASSIGNMENT II: THE MISSING LINK dives deeper into the Aftermath Universe where
players investigate Emilia Sarnovska's final case - "CROWDALE". Work with the Ministry through Agent 12
to unlock Emilia's cryptic notes, solving non-linear puzzles in a thrilling, challenging race against the clock.
You are now The Ministry - and the world's - best hope...
Emilia Sarnovska died, investigating a terrifying global conspiracy at the heart of Escutcheon Corp.
However, it was not end of her story... As The Ministry began to close down her file and her estate,
a mysterious item was found left in her safe. Alongside it was the cryptic phrase "Crowdale".


TRAILER __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



THE GAME __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
For the full experience the game ideally requires the following:
  • You to have 5-140 Players (Larger groups please get in touch)
  • An area you control (e.g: a private room booked for your party, or a meeting room in your office)
  • A large table or two. 
  • A Smart-Phone that’s fully charged. 
  • Two hours to set up and undertake the mission.
We Provide You:
  • A dedicated Mission Master who sets up and runs the experience at your location.
  • Materials for the event.
  • The time for you to crack the case.
After that, as we bring the experience to you, all you will need it your wits, creative thinking caps, and puzzle solving skills as the fate of the world is in your hands. Aside from being an excellent work-based team-building event for colleges, the game can work in pub or party environments as well, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for you investigate alongside drinks.
Should you join us you must leave no stone unturned and no detail ignored to prevent the Aftermath from occurring. Feeling brave? Then book now!
For more information, visit our website



Times / Prices 
Daily time slots available: 
11:00 - 21:00
(Special requests welcome)
Prices from: £25pp
The Aftermath Experience can accommodate up to 140 participants.
For groups larger than 140+ please get in touch.
Prices may vary depending on availability.



Door Charge may apply
Happily Affordable ££
City of London
No music


Day Open Close Notes
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
09:00 23:00 Private Hire Only
Sunday - -


Aftermath The Game
| We Come To You | (Pre-bookings only) 194 Fleet St, London, EC4A 2LT

East London

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Excellent game and we had a fun time. Probably one of the best escape game activities we have done.
by on February 13th, 2018

This is definitely something different. Perfect for our incentive. Feedback was good from my team. We will be playing game 2 next.
by on February 8th, 2018

Loads of fun. Did this with work. Great team building activity
by on December 10th, 2017

I was looking for something different for our training day meal recently and decided to give this a try. We were quite nervous about the idea (the room comes to you) but wanted to experiment with a larger group activity. We regularly send our staff to games to improve their communication skills in games such as these and I can say that design-wise, this is as good as Time run or Hint hunt in terms of quality. Everything is well-designed and a lot of thought has been put into the video and sound design. At times, it's like a movie and it gets really interactive! There's a dedicated actor with a mysterious name and accent who sets up the immersive story around your room. We did this around a meal, and the host worked efficiently around the pub restaurant staff to make sure we could eat and play the game. Any cons? Not on their side, but if you have people on the team who don't want to be involved, the spy will do his best. He worked incredibly hard to involve everyone, however, disappointingly, one or two people didn't want to help the team or work with our spy at all. As this is a game that will need everyone to be involved, make sure everyone's up for it! The spy character will give it his all (he clearly loves his job!) and will expect you to do the same. A telephone signal is also vital - even though they told us in advance, we picked a room where there was no signal, apart from one corner, which made the game a bit difficult so make sure you have a signal! Luckily, with the fifteen of us actually playing and working around the clock, we still won! It's a really interesting experience to watch teams play this game - it's got a different format to most escape games we've used in the past - but I don't want to say anymore. They asked us to keep the secret. Everyone who did get involved loved it - we have a very Eurocentric team and they enjoyed the global nature of the game. And it will expose any communication flaws in a group - we nearly missed something obvious! We had a terrific couple of hours with our spy and you'll get as much out of this game as you put in.
by on August 29th, 2017
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We welcomed a mysterious Agent (13?) to our offices at the end of a long week as our Friday treat to compliment our training day. The theme was interesting - a political conspiracy thriller - which made it sound quite grown-up for an escape game. However, despite this, it was a terrifically fun experience for all 6 of us. We gave the Agent a room where he was able to project his AV across our screens (they bring everything with them regardless, but his adaptability to use it with our conference room kit made it cooler). He set up our central mystery, which is a 90-minute investigation which starts out as a murder before escalating to threatening the entire world! We absolutely smashed this, only to lose right at the end because we missed a detail (so be prepared, your team needs to take the game seriously and remember or record every clue). It works in an odd way in that there's tonnes of information to decode so listening to each other is the most important thing possible. There was a small technical glitch with one of the props (which we caused by not listening to the Agent actor) but it didn't affect the game and the host is there to help compensate as a back-up, which actually makes it even funnier for a group! There's loads of tech in this game so remember to treat it with respect! They provide everything you need - clipboards, pens, even these weird gloves and the design is impressive. All we had to do was let the guy turn up and do his thing. And there's a really cool black light to use as well, so it was CSI: City of London!
by on August 25th, 2017
1 person(s) found this helpful

We had a great night trying to solve the puzzles! The Mission Master was great at breaking the ice, getting everyone involved, and keeping a straight face! My colleagues and I have done a few 'escape room' type activities before and this was not a disappointment. The topical story line and variety of puzzles was really refreshing! Visited Aftermath The Game on 2017-08-02
by on August 4th, 2017
1 person(s) found this helpful

Me and my colleagues really enjoyed this. This a great work day out activity. We where where a rather large group of 25. Good team management from the "mission master" - Everyone was involved. The story and props where intriguing. An exiting and a little different activity.
by on June 22nd, 2017
1 person(s) found this helpful

It's a game that comes to you, as long as you have a room big enough to contain it and the cost of the game depends on the size of your grop.  The story is based on a political conspiracy and a reporter (Emilia Sarnowska) has been murdered. You have to solve her murder, find out why and do all of this in 90 minutes.  At its core it's a great game, where you have to be good with attention to detail. It also has a lot of puzzles for you to solve. I enjoyed many aspects of the game, from the websites you had to find, to using black latex gloves (because you were dealing with evidence). There were many different type of puzzles for different brains to work out.  However I felt that it was lacking in some areas. The instructions at the start were a little confusing and none of us understood that we had to retain the information about the story of why Emilia had been murdered. In fact I felt there was slightly too much reading to do. If we had know this we may have been able to split the group up a little better.  I also felt that 16 people was far to much for this game (even though it can go up to 20). It's much better if there is a maximum of 10 people with some people just reading the information and some people solving the puzzles.  If they iron out these little nitpick of issues this is one game that will score high on enjoyment and satifiaction.
by on June 21st, 2017
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Recommended! Very good experience. My team really enjoyed this.
by on January 1st, 1970
1 person(s) found this helpful

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