High Adrenaline Things To Do in London

Live your life in the fast lane? Get your kicks from walking on the wild side? Whether you're after a fun date or a birthday party with a bit of oomph, there's plenty of heart-racing activities in London to keep you entertained. From zipping down the world's longest tube slide through to battling zombies; take a breather for one second and take a look at our list of high adrenaline things to do in London. 

Last edited by Jasmine Lee Kennedy

Last updated on 7th May 2024

F1® Arcade - St Paul's, London

Lookin' for a racing experience that's more than just pedal-to-the-metal? Look no further than F1® Arcade - the world's first official Formula 1® simulator that's all about socialising while you speed. With cutting-edge tech offering different competition modes, 53 full-motion simulators and top-notch menus to refuel, this Birmingham hotspot has got everything you need to get your adrenaline pumping.

Babylon Park

When you think of your adrenaline racing, you think of rollercoasters, right? With their very own indoor mini rollercoaster, Babylon Park are setting pulses racing alongside and entire indoor experience complete with arcades and more.

Monopoly Lifesized

Calling all adventure seekers. Are you on the hunt for an epic escapade that's completely out of the ordinary? Look no further than Monopoly Lifesized in Fitzrovia. Based on the classic board game, this immersive experience will challenge you to themed escape room puzzles, featuring everything from  building houses to going to jail. Plus, you can refuel by enjoying scrumptious grub and sipping on themed cocktails at the Top Hat Bar & Restaurant. Winner, winner, Monopoly dinner.

Hyper Reality

Hidden away in Whitechapel is an adrenaline junkie's dream - a den of roller coasters, zombies and undiscovered worlds. Using state-of-the-art technology, Hyper Reality will spike your endorphins with their mix of games - perfect for a group outing.

Immersive Gamebox

A unique immersive challenge near Waterloo, Electronic Theatre is perfect for celebrating a birthday or just getting out with your mates. In teams, you will be put in Lightboxes - specially designed interactive rooms - for two wild adventures: will you save the royal family or battle 80s-style aliens?

The Big Bakes

While it may produce the best results when done right (hello fluffy cakes), baking can be more than a little stressful. The folks at Big London Bakes are cranking it up a notch with their competitive baking challenge; in pairs you will race against the clock to cook something delicious.