Best Bar Snacks In London

Read our guide to some of the best places for bar snacks in London. We've all been there, you're out enjoying a couple of drinks or perhaps a quick sip after work and your stomach starts to rumble but you let it slide. Then you begin to notice every plate that passes you bringing with it an invigorating scent (usually deep fried) that travels directly from your nose to your stomach until the rumbling hits a 7 on the Richter scale, you need a bar snack. When it comes to night's out in London DesignMyNight takes all things seriously including bar snacks whether it's pork pies or pak choi dishes, so check out this list of some of the most serious places for bar snacks in London. 

The Surprise in Chelsea is an elegant plot situated in the hub of the trendy SW3 district that deals only in great drinks and delightful bar snacks. There aren't many surprises about the quality here is as it's another success story for the Geronimo Inns chain, but you'll still be amazed by the selection of wines and those all important bar snacks for relaxed afternoons or evenings in Chelsea. 


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The Opium Dim Sum & Cocktail parlour in Leicester Square is an elaborately chic London bar with a penchant for things to pick on, in this case delicious bar snacks in London. Escape the bustle of ground level Chinatown and escape to this hidden location for refreshing cocktails with a punch of pedigree behind them and you can probably guess what kind of bar snacks to expect, what you probably won't guess is just how tasty they are!

Callooh Callay

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The beautiful and eccentric Callooh Callay in Shoreditch is one of London's hottest cocktail bars and is famous well beyond the walls of our fair city. Ranked the 9th best bar in the entire world, Callooh Callay serves seriously scrumptious cocktails designed to tantalise the taste buds as well as trick the brain. You'll probably want something to soak up that alcohol, Callooh Callay's snack menu may be small but offers one of the best bar snack selections in London.

Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

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One of London's favourite classy cocktail bars, Crazy Bear's style shines through everywhere you look. For a less traditional bar snack in London look no further as you can enjoy Japanese and Thai style finger foods while you sup on amazing drinks in one of the places to be seen in London. Your plate and more importantly your stomach needn't be left empty at Crazy Bear as the food is great for sharing and is delivered to your table throughout the night.

Little Fable

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At Corney and Barrow Fleet Place you can expect a huge selection of all your favourite drinks in a modern, comfortable environment. The seasonal British bar snacks perfectly compliment whatever you're drinking and can be enjoyed inside or outside on the spacious terrace. Enjoy quality and a laid back environment at this popular restaurant and bar. Book your table online!

The King of Ladies Man

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The King of Ladies Man is a sister venue to The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch, which is another place to check out for amazing bar snacks in London. However this secret hotspot makes it into the best for bar snacks list for its quirks as well as the tasty food. Set in the style of a 70's bachelor pad King of Ladies Man has its own secret entrance (through a laundrette) and serves retro bar snacks such as pulled pork sliders and mac & cheese pots. Book a table for you and your mates today!

Bar 45

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Housed in the luxury and widely decadent setting of The Dorchester Hotel, Bar 45 may be one of London's classiest places to drink, but don't be afraid to get your fingers dirty with some delectable bar snacks. Sometimes it's worth skipping your reservation elsewhere when you're enjoying the amazing ambience of Bar 45 that will happily fill you up on delights such as spicy tuna tartar cones and Wagyu beef sliders. Why look anywhere for an indulgent bar snack in London?

La Bodega Negra

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La Bodega Negra offers bar snacks in London that have the kind of zesty character to match its charismatic décor. What can you expect in a bar snack from a Mexican themed fun time party bar created by Serge Becker and Will Ricker? Hopefully you guessed tacos, nachos and Cerveza beers in which case you'd be right. La Bodega Negra's best bits can only be found by entering through a Soho sex shop which adds a little more spice to your evening than you probably had planned. 

Mark's Bar Soho

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If you don't already know about Mark Hix and his food you need to get yourself on Wikipedia and get yourself clued up, there isn't time to explain now but basically he's a bit of a boss in the kitchen. At Mark's Bar in Soho you will be visiting a cornerstone where classic pub snacks meet modern thinking, to produce the best bar snacks in London. Mark's famous Scotch Quail's Egg is hot on the menu or you can come in for chips and curry served Hix style.

The Victoria Inn

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One of life's great lessons is that if you want the best of something you have to go to the heart of the source. That in mind to find the best bar snacks in London try one of its more traditional bars, welcome to the Victoria Inn in Peckham. This leafy suburb hive is a buzz with London food and drink lovers gorging on twisted traditional snacks such as a Chorizo scotch egg or a 1/2 pint of Atlantic prawns. Serving serious bar snacks the Victoria Inn in South London should be considered. 

Lounge Bohemia

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Lounge Bohemia is one of Shoreditch's best kept secrets especially one it comes to awesome bar snacks in London, so don't tell anybody we told you... but you will want to show it off to your friends. This Shoreditch chic hotspot for trendy drinkers offers the perfect environment for a date with it's comfortable vibe. Cocktails may be the reason you go there but once you taste a plate of the authentic Czech cuisine you'll be hooked for good. 

The Canton Arms in Stockwell is big on flavour, whether it's in its carefully considered selection of wines or one of London's finest local ales. But let's talk bar snacks, and not just any bar snacks, this is a list of the best bar snacks in London. This hunt might lead you to the Canton Arms for its hearty and masterfully executed dishes that once had food critic Jay Raynor cooing over the bone marrow on toast, track it down for yourself and book a table now.