Best Bar Snacks In London

So you're out enjoying a couple of drinks or perhaps a quick sip after work and your stomach starts to rumble... we've all been there. Then you begin to notice every plate that passes you bringing with it an invigorating scent (usually deep-fried) that travels directly from your nose to your stomach until the rumbling hits a 7 on the Richter scale. It's not just nuts and crisps these days; here's our favourite places for serious bar snacks in London. 

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Last updated on 11th April 2024

BAM Karaoke Box

You'll find some of the tastiest bar snacks around at BAM Karaoke Box. Spanning 10,000 square feet, it's Europe's largest venue of its kind, boasting 22 individually designed rooms and two cocktail bars. Its decor is eclectic, with leopard print seats, chandeliers and oil paintings brushed with bright pink lettering. Enjoy tasty bites to eat delivered straight, courtesy of consultant culinary director and renowned chef Sabrina Gidda, to your room. Think European cuisine and classic French dishes with a twist. 

28-50 Wine Bars - Various Sites

Slinging out smoked almonds, croquettes, and yummy charcuterie spreads, 28°-50° have some of the finest bar snacks around. With locations dotted all throughout London, stop inside for a few bites and a few glasses of vino.

Maltby Street Wine House

If you're feeling like chowing down on some of the best European-inspired grazing boards, Maltby Street Wine House is the venue for you. Located in the heart of London Bridge, this suave watering hole has a boatload of bites, from charcuterie boards to bruschetta and olives.


With a bar menu spanning everything from oxtail quesadilla to tacos and whitebait, Zapote is bringing your drinks up a gear. You'll be washing all this down with tequila and mezcal-laced serves, including a muddle of booze, mango, passionfruit tea and tonic.


The Opium Dim Sum & Cocktail parlour in Leicester Square is an elaborately chic London bar with a penchant for things to pick on, in this case delicious bar snacks in London. Escape the bustle of ground level Chinatown and escape to this hidden location for refreshing cocktails with a punch of pedigree behind them and you can probably guess what kind of bar snacks to expect, what you probably won't guess is just how tasty they are!

Cecilia's Wine House

When it comes to bar snacks in Covent Garden, Cecilia's Wine House is pulling out all the stops. Venture inside, where you'll be able to grab a cosy table (or, perhaps admire the epic booze offering), all while delving into top-notch quaffs, caviar and charcuterie platters.