Best Bar Snacks In London

So you're out enjoying a couple of drinks or perhaps a quick sip after work and your stomach starts to rumble... we've all been there. Then you begin to notice every plate that passes you bringing with it an invigorating scent (usually deep-fried) that travels directly from your nose to your stomach until the rumbling hits a 7 on the Richter scale. It's not just nuts and crisps these days; here's our favourite places for serious bar snacks in London. 

Last updated on 17th May 2022

There may be no better combination than wine and cheese - and cosy neighbourhood watering hole The Wine Cellar offers this winning pair alongside plates of the finest charcuterie too. Wash your bar snacks down with glasses of vino at this Swain's Lane spot, either in the intimate indoor wine bar or on the sunny outdoor terrace.


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The Opium Dim Sum & Cocktail parlour in Leicester Square is an elaborately chic London bar with a penchant for things to pick on, in this case delicious bar snacks in London. Escape the bustle of ground level Chinatown and escape to this hidden location for refreshing cocktails with a punch of pedigree behind them and you can probably guess what kind of bar snacks to expect, what you probably won't guess is just how tasty they are!

Aspen and Meursault

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Searching for a quick little spot for a few drinks? Aspen & Meursault is a must for wine lovers with their extensive list. Not only do they have pretty plants and seating, but they bring delicious bar snacks such as boozy cheeses, baked Camembert and spicy chorizo bites.


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For a quick little trip in London, Pinch is the perfect place for a few light bites and a couple of tipples. Enjoy house-made vodka concoctions alongside charcuterie boards, padron peppers and amazing halloumi fries.

Lamb and Trotter

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Looking for somewhere to grab a drink and a bite to eat after work? City dwellers, this charming pub is the place for you. As well as serving a curated selection of drinks from the bar, The Lamb & Trotter offers lip-smacking snacks like honey mustard sausage bites and hand-raised pork pie.