Cheap Drinks in Soho

Soho has some of the coolest bars in London and always guarantees a great night out, but that style normally comes with a hefty price tag. Wanting to hang out in one of the best districts in the capital doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with every trip out: you can experience the cocktail bars, nightclubs and late night destinations as long as you know where to go. This is where we come in to show you the best places to get cheap drinks in Soho and have fun on a budget. You're welcome.


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The Village is one of the best cheap gay bars in Soho, and that's nowhere near an insult. Managing to create one of the most fun atmospheres in the area while giving its punters cheaper drinks than most places around, it creates a real party vibe all-week long. 

The Nellie Dean of Soho

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Located on Dean Street, this fun and relaxed pub is a great spot if you're looking for a night out that won't break the bank. With a great selection of beers and whiskies available behind the bar, you can also pick up a cracking pie or two while you're there.

Karaoke EPOC

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Offering cheap drinks and an amazing karaoke experience, this cool and quirky Soho joint is a must-visit if you and the gang have a hankering for a big old singalong. A brilliant secret bar for partying in Central London, Karaoke EPOC is a venue unlike any other.