Restaurants In St James's

From the eateries of Pall Mall to famous places like The Ritz, St James's is an area of London that oozes sophistication. Whether you fancy Italian fare, a rooftop haunt or somewhere on the Michelin Guide's radar, it's sure to deliver on the food front. So, without further ado, check out our top pick of restaurants in St James's.

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For an establishment that oozes sophistication, Quaglino's has no rival. Having entertained the likes of Evelyn Waugh and the Queen, this restaurant is truly an elegant affair. The deep red and shimmering gold interiors make it quite the catch too. And the menu? European classics continue the fancy trend.

The Ritz London

A list of the best restaurants in St James's isn't complete without The Ritz. Was there ever a more famous venue? We think not. You'll be treated to stellar service, stunning food and the most opulent of interiors when you take a special occasion trip here. 

Café Murano

Looking for somewhere a bit more relaxed, but with stunning dishes? Café Murano fits the bill. Thanks to a focus on the cuisine of Northern Italy, it's making our guide to the best restaurants in St James. Also, the menu has plates such as chicken milanese and caper buttered plaice, alongside classic cocktails to accompany.