Best London Restaurants For An Instagram Photo

Are you the kind of Londoner who hunts down the most visually exciting dish on any menu that comes your way? Do you need to completely rearrange the plates for the best light before anyone gets to chow down? DesignMyNight delivers to you, the Insta-foodies of London, a definitive list of the best restaurants, pubs and bars serving the most snappable food around. So get ready to get your phone out, lean close and make those followers salivate.

Last updated on 27th March 2023

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Sticky Mango

Treat your followers to a beaut snap of Sticky Mango, one of the most beautiful restaurants in South Bank. While you admire the vibrant pink blossoms, hanging foliage and floral wallpaper, dive into a range of tantalising Thai treats, from curries and noodles to fish and small plates.


A unique dining experience in London, Bustronome is bringing you Instragrammable interiors, unmissable views and indulgent menus in equal measure. Hop aboard this double-decker for a  quirky tour of the city paired with multi-course dining and wine.

Dirty Bones - Restaurants in London

We get that its important to take pretty photos of your food, we do, but there's something so filthy about the food at Dirty Bones that many can't help themselves. From wild cocktails down to some of the biggest burgers in the business, there are plenty of snaps going round at this NYC-inspired collection of restaurants.

The Coral Room

Looking to add a few extra pics to the grid? Head over to Bloomsbury where this gorgeous space offers the ultimate backdrop to your sipping snaps, with 1920's-inspired interiors and clever cocktails ideal for enjoying on their alfresco terrace.

Ave Mario

The third instalment in Big Mamma's British takeover, Covent Garden's Ave Mario matches neon lights and bright red interiors with plush velvet booths and stripey cielings. Expect the same moreish Italian plates and in-your-face decor that made Gloria and Circolo Popolare so popular.