Cheap Meals Under £25 In London

With purse strings a bit tight nowadays, we're all looking for ways to save. But that doesn't mean you have to hold back when it comes to London's dining scene. From restaurant meal deals to affordable set menus and venues showcasing pocket-friendly eats, we're giving you all the best places for a cheap meal under £25 in London. Pig out without breaking the old piggy bank.

Last edited by Kiera Chapman

O'Neill's - Pubs In London

Always offering cheap eats in a cosy setting, O'Neill's many locations in London are more than suitable choices. Our favourite deal? Tuck into a lunch dish alongside a drink for a bargain price. There's also a tempting tapas package which includes three or five plates of great food.

John The Unicorn

From a lineup of parmesan truffle fries for £7 to juicy beef or chicken burgers for £12 each, John The Unicorn has resident kitchens bringing you plenty of cheap meals. Not only that, but there's some tempting dessert options too, like churros filled with dulce de leche for only £6.

Ping Pong - Various Sites, London

We know this one is just over £25 by £1.95, but Ping Pong just had to make our list. For fancy affordable restaurants in London, this TikTok-famous spot is home to gorgeous floral decor, as well as the Lazy Sumday deal. That's all you can eat on dumplings, veggie baos and much more.

Pizza Pilgrims - Restaurants In London

If you're a lover of all things cheesy, then Pizza Pilgrims will surely fill the void. Enjoy excellent toppings on your scrumptious slices such as pesto, pepperoni and much more, as well as tasty cocktails and Nutella pizza rings.