London is quirkier than ever. From food-based building events and wonderfully weird role playing evenings, it seems the hot weather has gotten to a few of us. But that's nothing to be embarrassed about; we say enjoy it, embrace it, and dive straight into the parts of your imagination that you'd otherwise stay clear of. Luckily, you live in a magnificent city that prides itself on pushing every existing boundary as far as possible. So say no to the ordinary, look out beyond your bubble and embrace delusion. Here's a helpful list of the most brilliantly quirky things not to miss this summer in London. 

Dig deep at Gold Rush

Experience the gold-mad race that took place during America's infant years at this wonderfully unusual event in London. Ignore manifest destiny's westward pull and instead catch a wagon towards Vauxhall, where wannabe gold miners will be treated to a five course meal and live entertainment in the form of blues and funk & soul music. Be sure to keep an eye out for gold coins in your deep fired crocodile and gold bullion chocolate bars; you can exchange them for some amazing wild western prizes. Come on y'all, what's the hold up? 

Chew tobacco and duel until your heart's content at The Yard's Gold Rush. 

Think outside the box at The Game's AFoot 

The team behind Alice's Adventures Underground now bring their latest summer instalment to Madame Tussauds, revolving around the curious and fascinating antics of Sherlock Holmes. Take a stroll down Victorian Baker Street and use Holmes' fantastic powers of detection to solve the case before time runs out. On your journey, you'll interview suspects, read reports and search for hidden clues as you embody one of Scotland Yard's most prestigious figures. Choose between two cases and prepare to have your imagination blown wide open at this quirky summer event in London.

Put your intuition and cunning to the test at The Game's AFoot this summer.

Speed past the city at Thames Lates

Cocktails, summer tunes and amazing sites; it's a boat trip like no other. Thames Lates offers the city a break from the muggy streets, inviting us aboard their floating haven. After taking your breath away with a high-speed guided tour of 25 different sites, the team will bring you back to neutral with cocktails from the acclaimed London Cocktail Club. The music will be provided by DJ Mikee Snooze, who'll use his decks to disturb the quiet in Parliament and turn a few onlooking tourist heads. Quirky by nature,this bizarre event in London's heart is one you won't forget anytime soon. 

The summer sunset at Thames Lates has never looked so beautiful.

Quirky, quavering notes at the Hoxton Ukulele Hootenanny

For seasoned players, beginners and Uke-curious music lovers, head to Shoreditch's Queen of Hoxton for a wonderfully unique night in London. With the guidance of their musical maestros, you can pluck and twang all evening until you've mastered the brilliantly endearing ukulele. Perfecting the brilliantly bizarre event, the team have converted a number of old classics and new pop songs into ukulele friendly music sheets. No uke, no problem; you can hire one for the night and really test out your musical dexterity.


Grab a drink and tune yourself in at the Queen of Hoxton this summer.

Pet a python at Menagerie at the Museum

Take a left turn at 'unusual' and head straight towards 'downright bizarre' at The Last Tuesday Society. With a room full of random artefacts and unsettling taxidermy, the masterminds behind this East London bar have truly outdone themselves, opening a petting zoo full of terrifying tarantulas and slithering pythons in what has to be one of the best quirky events in London this summer. Guests can grab a cocktail and head straight into their Menagerie at the Museum, where they'll be greeted by a Bertie the bearded dragon or Bob the bull frog. Just do us all a favour and watch your step!

 Shake claws with Gizmo the veiled chameleon at Menagerie at the Museum.