The Inside Scoop: Best Ice Cream Parlours In London

Published . By Anisah Audu.

When it comes to all things frosted, London’s keeping you stuffed with sweet treats 365 days of the year. From a red velvet cheesecake ice cream delivery to soft serve smothered in retro toppings and candy floss, there’s no combination off limits. Discover the city’s best ice cream parlours, independent stockists and restaurants freezing the good stuff in our list of the top 10 places for ice cream in London.


Happy Endings:  Guinness Ice Cream Sandwich

Available both online and from some of London’s tastiest restaurants like DF Tacos and Dirty Bones, Happy Endings are the ice cream specialists churning out quirky sandos. Take your pick between The Malty One, the Strawberry Shorty or The Naughty One (from £2.50) which sandwiches miso salt caramel parfait between squidgy slices of chocolate Guinness cake and a lip-smacking soy dulce de leche.

Happy Endings Ice Cream London

Saving room for dessert? Make yours a happy ending.

Maxwell's: Mars Bar Sundae

If you like the sound of salted caramel ice cream and chocolate brownie pieces teamed with hazelnuts, Mars Bar sauce and a cherry on top (£5.95), then Maxwell’s is the place for you. Along with sugar coma-inducing treats like Nutella-glazed doughnuts and Oreo cookie freakshakes, this West End ice cream spot has all bases covered.

Maxwell's Ice Cream London

Maxwell’s is one of the best restaurants for ice cream in London.

Soft Serve Society: Chocolate Affogato Sundae

When it comes to ice cream in Shoreditch, there’s only one name that you need to know. Housed within Boxpark, Soft Serve Society is fronting a menu of cups, cones and sundaes. Choose between charcoal coconut, matcha or a flavour of the week, all topped with your choice of marshmallow fluff and fresh sauces. Our favourite? The chocolate affogato (£5.95); layering Rice Krispies, brownie bites and Oreo crumb over vanilla ice cream with a splash of hot chocolate.

Soft Serve Society Shoreditch Ice Cream London

The best ice cream in the world? You decide.

Amorino: Angelotto Gelato Cake

It wouldn’t be right to list our favourite ice cream in London without a nod to the capital’s finest gelato slingers. Amorino boasts organic, vegan and limited edition flavours; with classics from dulce de leche and praline to quirky combos including lime basil and blueberry cheesecake. Better yet, you can opt for it on crepes, scooped onto waffles or in the form of the luxury Angelotto gelato cake (£55).

Amorino Ice Cream London

The best gelato in London? You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Amorino ice cream.

Swift: Sgroppino

Did you know that one of London’s best cocktails also doubles up as one of the top desserts in the city? Sure, the Sgroppino (£7) might be a drink, but the Swift classic combines prosecco and Italicus before topping with the perfect scoop of tangy lemon sorbet for that ultimate sweet treat.

Bar Swift Sgroppino Ice Cream London

Drinkable and delightful.

Chin Chin: Red Velvet Cheesecake

The home of liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream, Chin Chin is creating some of the best ice cream in the UK… and delivering it to you. From the iconic tiramisu sundae to off-piste flavours like a mouthwatering cheesecake ice cream smothered in hand-dipped white chocolate and red velvet cake chunks (from £15.95 for a selection), these are as delicious as they are Instagrammable.

Chin Chin Ice Cream London

Can’t get to the store? Get your ice cream in the post.

Yolkin: Macaron Sandwich

A chinatown staple, Yolkin takes the humble ice cream and elevates it to OG status between two macarons. Think Halloween specials, summertime takes and classic combos like rose pistachio or Earl Grey. Keep an eye out for the changing menu; we’ve got a thing for the milo brownie macaron (£6.50).

Yolkin Ice Cream Sandwich London

If you’re a fan of the sweeter things in life, it’s time to tick Yolkin off the list.

Milk Train: Cotton Candy Cloud

With an interior that’s just as infamous as what's on sale, Milk Train is one of the most Instagrammable dessert spots in Covent Garden. But it’s not all looks - with their ever-changing menu, the team have made this one of London’s best ice cream parlours. Sample their cotton candy cloud ice cream (from £5) and customise with salted pretzels, coconut flakes, popcorn, rainbow drops and more.

Milk Train Ice Cream London

From delivery to IRL, Milk Train is one for your London bucket list. Credit: London Girl Munches.

Mamasons: Filipino Ube Ice Cream

Available for home delivery across London or in person from outposts in Kentish Town and Chinatown, Mamasons’ ice cream is well worth a try. The Filipino ice cream spot offers you brownies, buko pie and even milo doughnuts, but it’s the ube ice cream (£10 per tub) that will really make your mouth water.

Mamasons Ice Cream London

From North to Central, Mamasons have some of the best ice cream parlours.

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