Best Bars for Plant Lovers in London

It has been scientifically proven that being around plants improves your wellbeing, so what about if you drink while being around plants? From secret gardens where botanical cocktails reign supreme to bars with their own flower shops, there's no shortage of greenery in the big smog that we call London. Check out our recommendations for the best bars for plant lovers in London and get your foliage fix. 

Last updated on 20th December 2019

Heist Bank

303 user reviews 5

Heist Bank are proud of their pizzas and they're a dab hand when it comes to craft beer, but they also know a thing or two about plants. Coming at you with not only green gifts dotted about the space, this plant filled London bar also has its own florist. 

The White Bear

392 user reviews 4

This is one of the best hidden gems in Kennington, and the garden is no floozy either. Full of foliage and greenery, London's plant lovers should skip the interesting interiors for a stint outside as you soak up all the rays, Vitamin D and flora that this space can muster. 


120 user reviews 4

East London has its fair share of great cocktail bars, but none as green as NT's. Not only has this favourite decked out their interiors with potted plants and plenty of low hanging leaves, head out to their outdoor space where palm trees and plants also have a home.