Best Bars For Plant Lovers In London

It has been scientifically proven that being around plants improves your wellbeing, so what about if you drink while being around plants? From secret gardens where botanical cocktails reign supreme to bars with their own flower shops, there's no shortage of greenery in the big smog that we call London. Check out our recommendations for the best bars for plant lovers in London and get your foliage fix. 

Last edited by Jasmine Lee Kennedy

Last updated on 28th December 2023


Plant lover? Then you best check out Skylarking in Peckham. Head inside this palm tree-adorned venue for alfresco drinks, all before chowing down on sourdough pizza. On top of that, there are quiz Tuesdays with a £150 bar tab and live DJ nights.

The Culpeper

Fancy the idea of dining in a greenhouse? Plant lovers will surely jump at the chance to do just that at The Culpeper. This Brick Lane bar is filled with foliage throughout the venue, with a dedicated rooftop garden that doubles as a working farm for cocktails and homemade dishes.