Best Bars For Alcohol-Free Drinking In London

Drinks really don't have to contain alcohol to be absolutely top tier, but what they do need? A load of flavour and flair. To make sure that you can wet your whistle without a drop of booze hitting your lips, we've created a guide to London's best non-alcoholic drinks. From vibrant bars slinging out mega mocktails to cosy pubs pouring pints of low-ABV beer, here's where to get your teetotal kicks.

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Last updated on 22nd May 2024

BrewDog Bars In London

On the hunt for nice non-alcoholic drinks in pubs? Most of BrewDog's London bars stock a fantastic range of no and low beers (from as little as 0.5%). But that's not all, as they also sling out a mouthwatering array of US-style grub, from burgers and wings to salads and brunches.

Slammers Bar

Slammers Bar knows how to add a little life to lacklustre cocktails. How do they do it? With its cool prison theme, of course. Enter this barbed-wired den which is complete with prison telephones, where you'll get to quaff bespoke concoctions which are made by inmates.

The Milestone Hotel and Residences

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The Stables Bar, found at The Milestone Hotel, features a couple of fabulous mocktails that'll be hard to pass up. The Dragon Prince is a flavourful mix of lemongrass, bergamot and elderflower (garnished with edible gold), while the Alligator's Smile is an exotic long drink, with hints of mango and matcha.

Barrio - Bars In London

If you're looking for the best alcohol-free bars in the UK, over at vibrant drinking den Barrio Soho, you can request for your cocktail to be without any added booze. That means that you can get everything from a perfectly prepared piña colada to a signature Mucha Lucha.

The Cocktail Club - Various Sites

Boasting multiple branches across the city, The Cocktail Club is calling you over for un-boozy beverages that pack a punch. What's on the menu? Some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails in London, from the chai-spiced Vanilla Ice to the Smoked Collins.

Swift Borough

Spread over two floors, Swift Borough is the perfect place to relax in after a long stroll around the market. Upstairs sports a bright and airy apertivo-style atmosphere, while downstairs promises The Back Pocket AKA an intimately lit speakeasy hub ideal for a little rendez-vous. Enjoy the likes of non-alcoholic tipples here such as Pudore Sbagliato or the Tempest, made with Darjeeling kombucha.