Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Cocktails In London

Drinks really don't have to contain alcohol to be absolutely top tier, but what they do need? A load of flavour and flair. To make sure that you can wet your whistle without a drop of booze hitting your lips, we've created a guide to London's best non-alcoholic drinks. From vibrant bars slinging out mega mocktails to cosy pubs pouring pints of low-ABV beer, here's where to get your teetotal kicks.

Last updated on 30th December 2022

The Cocktail Club - Various Sites

Boasting multiple branches across the city, The Cocktail Club is calling you over for un-boozy beverages that pack a punch. What's on the menu? Some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails in London, from the chai-spiced Vanilla Ice to the Smoked Collins.

BrewDog Bars In London

On the hunt for nice non-alcoholic drinks in pubs? Most of BrewDog's London bars stock a fantastic range of no and low beers (from as little as 0.5%). But that's not all, as they also sling out a mouthwatering array of US-style grub, from burgers and wings to salads and brunches.