Top 10 Quirky Things To Do in London

Don't keep to the usual beat of London, there's plenty of time to be boring when you're older and no fun anymore (joke...). Anyway, this City is crawling with niche events, fun frolics and plenty of off-kilter things to do. If you're mantra is looking for that something a little different in London, then we've got your back. For a collection of cool and quirky events, unique places to go and fun nights out in London check out our ranking of the top 10 quirky things to do in London, right here. 

Last updated on 7th January 2019

  The Cheese Crawl

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@ Statue of Goddess Diana on Every Saturday

Calling all curd nerds and turophiles - yep there's a word for your love of cheese - London's finest cheeses are being wrapped up into one 2 hour walking tour! Whether you're a passionate pre-gratedcheddar…

  The Murdér Express

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@ Pedley Street Station on Various dates from Wednesday 23rd January 2019

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Valid on the following dates: 16/01/2019, 17/01/2019, 23/01/2019, 24/01/2019, 31/01/2019, 06/02/2019, 07/02/2019, 12/02/2019 and 13/02/2019.
THE MURDÉR EXPRESS RETURNS FOR 2019 Let us take you back to the early 20th century, when travelling by train for pleasure was still in its infancy.  Pedley Street Station opened  in May 2018 and…

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What is says on the tin (literally). Expect nothing other than a funfair of hip hop tunes, loud and lairy karaoke with a big dollop of brunch foods feasting on the side. Quite simply put, these guys know how to put on a party and a crackin' spread for one hell of a boozy brunch in London. Taking to secret locations around the City, your brunch will be a bit heavier than usual, just ask Biggie Smalls. 

@ Radisson Blu Grafton Hotel on Various dates from Sunday 20th January 2019

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It’s the show you’ve all been asking for – and it’s brought to you by the people behind the worldwide smash hit, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. This fully immersive show transports audiences…