Pretty Restaurants In London

Sucker for something eye-catching? A must for the 'aesthetic'-obsessed? Filling your feed with the finest flat-lays and foliage-filled hotspots in the city? Like to look at nice things because you're human and that's just that? Then you've come to the right place. From eateries with endless palm plants to plush pink velvet corners where brunch reigns supreme, these pretty London restaurants are more than easy on the eye. 

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Last updated on 28th March 2024

28-50 Wine Bars - Various Sites

28-50 Wine Bars are all pretty restaurants in Central London, decked out in pastel hues and floral touches to add a sense of elegance to your dining. Head to one of their sites for luscious interiors, seasonal specials and handpicked bottles of fine wine.

Megan's - Various Sites

You'll certainly want to post Megan's brunch plates and fairy-light-adorned spaces to your 'Gram feed. And if that's not enough? The food across these top-notch venues is more than just a pretty face, so expect loaded Turkish eggs, vegan kebabs and spicy chicken grills.

Best Iberica Restaurants in London

For pretty places to eat in London, make sure Iberica restaurants are on your radar. Head to one of their venues across the city and you'll be treated to stunning Spanish eats, all washed down with sangria or vino in beautiful surrounds. 

The MAINE Mayfair

Say hello to one of the most gorgeous restaurants going, The MAINE Mayfair. While each room boasts its own distinct style, this joint brings a New England brasserie style to each, with velvet seating, pretty chandeliers and verdant plants. 

The Rosarium

The super-decorated, super-tasty, and super-vibey pleasure palace, a.k.a. The Rosarium, is where the party is at. A quirky twist on the quintessential English garden, the restaurant is decorated with a massive central table and whimsical glass Rose ornaments. The menu finds inspiration in the British Isles, offering classics with a modern twist, such as fish in a chip with tartare hollandaise and roast Kentish lamb fillet rib with pearl barley and mint salad.

Arros QD

Fronting sultry interiors with dark and terracotta accents, Arros QD is one beautiful restaurant to settle down in for a special occasion. Think Spanish fine dining in the most gorgeous surrounds, tucking into tasting menus or tapas bowls whipped up using Valencian fire cooking techniques. 

Bocconcino Soho

What's prettier than warm, golden decor and a marble countertop? Soho's newest Italian restaurant Bocconcino is inspired by traditional trattorias, boasting an array of handmade pastas, including prawn-stuffed ravioli and pappardelle with wild mushrooms and stracciatella cheese.


This Instagrammable Italian restaurant is the latest from the Big Mama group, known for their gorgeous interiors. Jacuzzi boasts a glowing staircase, glitterball toilets and indoor trees, alongside a cracking menu with everything from lobster risotto to creamy buratta.