Best Curry In London

Whether you're a mild miss or a hot heathen, if there's one thing that London's adopted with open arms, it's the heralded curry. From Thai curries than span the far reaches of the East to authentic Indian curries that put spices to the forefront, there's a myriad of curry restaurants in London that are just waiting to be explored by your adventurous palates. Check out our recommendations for the best restaurants for curry in London. 

Last updated on 7th November 2019

Masala Wala

163 user reviews 5

Located in Brockley, Masala Wala is a delicious and charming Pakistani restaurant that serves up exquisite homemade and comforting dishes, from well-known curries to recipes handed down the generations.

Dishoom Cafe Shoreditch

7 user reviews 4

When you ask people in London the best place to go for a curry, there's a name than can't help but creep in, and that's Dishoom. With a whole dotting of restaurants about the city, the interiors here are eclectic, the roster of cocktails is undeniable and a true taste of India can be found in each and every curry of theirs.