Best Curry In London

Whether you're a mild miss or a hot heathen, if there's one thing that London's adopted with open arms, it's the heralded curry. From Thai curries than span the far reaches of the East to authentic Indian curries that put spices to the forefront, there's a myriad of curry restaurants in London that are just waiting to be explored by your adventurous palates. Check out our recommendations for the best restaurants for curry in London. 

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Last updated on 5th February 2024

The Rubens at The Palace

Head to Buckingham Palace Road where The Rubens hotel is bringing you one of the best curry nights in London. From cooking classes to expansive banquets, this unique event series is one for the spice lovers.

Darjeeling Express Darjeeling Express

When it comes to the best London curry menu, Darjeeling Express has to be up there for its rich tradition. They serve everything in the home-cooked style of a traditional 'daawat' (sharing feast), with influences spanning Asma Khan's royal Mughlai ancestry and everywhere from Calcutta in the east of India to Hyderabad in the south.

  • £100 - £400