Best Covent Garden Restaurants

With such an eclectic range of dining spots, from iconic eateries in Seven Dials to trendy hangouts surrounding the famous square, it'd be hard to pick just one great Covent Garden restaurant in London... so we've got over 20.  Outdoors? We have those. Cocktails and dinner? You betcha. Dining with incredible entertainment? Why don't you take look...

Last updated on 7th February 2023

J Sheekey Oyster Bar

A renowned dining institution, J Sheekey Oyster Bar is at the forefront when it comes to seafood in Covent Garden. An elite ruby red dining space and terrace is matched with equally impressive oyster plates, seafood servings and of course, the Champagne to make your visit a success.

Ave Mario

Sister venue to the well known (and well Instagrammed) Circolo Popolare and Gloria, Ave Mario is another jewel in the Big Mamma crown, bringing big energy and big Italian plates to the heart of Central London. C'mon, just look at her?