Best Sunday Roast In Balham

Something that we're all guilty of is craving a good ol' roast. Nothing quite beats it; just think about the crispy potatoes sprinkled with herbs, fresh-as-can-be vegetables, plus the lovingly made gravy - your mouth starts to drool, doesn't it? This neighbourhood is brimming with places plating up the goods, so if you've got a hankering, here's where to find the best roast in Balham.

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Hagen & Hyde

Hagen & Hyde is a go-to for locals who're in need of a pint and a bit of a boogie. It's also the place where they nurse their hangovers the next day, as it cooks up mouthwatering roast dinners, served with Yorkshire puddings, veggies and gravy. Just make sure to top it off with a banging bloody mary.