Best Bars For A Martini In London

Drunk by none other than super-spy James Bond himself, the martini is one of the finest classic cocktails around. Given its heritage as the king of suave cocktails, it comes in many different forms – from espresso to porn star; dirty to dry – but it takes a quality bartender to serve it properly. After your perfect serve? Take a look at our list of the best bars for a martini in London and unleash your inner 007.

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The Cocktail Club - Various Sites

Whether you're craving a pornstar or espresso martini, you can always rely on The Cocktail Club to secure your fix. With gorgeous locations dotted across the city, from Liverpool Street to Bethnal Green, there's always a hotspot for quaffable concoctions.

The Donovan Bar

Mayfair and martinis... the two just seem to go hand in hand. Another quality cocktail joint that'll create one exactly to your preferences, The Donovan Bar has you covered whether you like yours with extra vermouth, garnished with an olive or served Vesper style.