Best Bars for a Martini in London

It’s perhaps the most sophisticated drink in the world: The Martini, drunk by none other than super-spy James Bond himself. Given its heritage as the king of suave cocktails, it's only right that you only drink the very best Martinis that can be found in the capital. It comes in many different forms – from espresso to porn star – but it takes a very special venue to serve it properly. So take a look at our list of the best bars for a Martini in London and unleash your inner James Bond.

Last updated on 12th September 2018

Ruby's Bar and Lounge

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Ruby's Bar and Lounge offers a unique and fun drinking den to really get a unique Martini in London. While the décor, repurposed from a former Chinese takeaway, is amusing enough, their Chilli Apple Martini really steals the show, made from vodka, apple liquer, vanilla and chilli, for that extra kick.

The Groucho Club

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The Groucho Club is a private members club that prides itself on its commitment to contemporary design and delicious drinks. The Martini, rightfully, falls within its 'premium signatures' section, with their La Vie en Rose Martini taking centre stage. Mixed with Beefeater 24 gin and Chamberyzette strawberry vermouth, this drink alone makes it one of the best bars for a Martini in London.


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Serving both delightful Italian food and wonderfully inexpensive (but equally delicious) cocktails, Barsmith should already be on your radar of bars to visit. Their simple commitment to perfect the taste of cocktails means you get stand out drinks like Red Light Martini, made from vodka with passion fruit, vanilla syrup and Prosecco, making it one of the best London Martini bars about.


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Tucked away off the bustling streets of Chinatown is Opium, a Cocktail Bar and Dim Sum Parlour that is already a great place to pick up a cocktail in London. Nestled comfortably on its Signature Cocktails list is the Lychee Martini made from Beefeater, fresh lychee and their secret ingredient, a hint of absinthe. It's definitely worth it.

The London Cocktail club is one for the more experimental types. On the one hand, they offer the Bacon and Egg Martini, which – hear us out – is Jack Daniel's infused with smoked bacon mixed with egg whites, maple syrup and lemon juice. On the other hand is the much more sophisticated Dirty Truffle Martini made traditionally with Vestal vodka. Either way, it's one of the best bars in London for a Martini.

Drink Shop & Do

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Arrive to Drink Shop Do with the intention of drinking one of their delicious Martinis, including an Espresso Martini and a tasty Rose and Lychee Martini. Stay there for one of their amazing 'Do' activities, which includes events like 'Play with Clay 80s Style' or 'Dot-To-Dot-To-Disco'. Martini drinking doesn't always have to be the height of sophistication...

WM Barker & Co

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It doesn't get anymore quintessentially 'Martini' than James Bond, right? Well, it's time to drink like one of the most iconic super-spies of all time with WM Barker & Co's Daniel Craig, based on the spy's favourite drink: Beefeater gin, Martini Dry, Cayenne Pepper, Thyme, and Proscuttio wrapped melon. Are you suave enough to pull off one of the most sophisticated Martinis in London?

Mews Cocktail Bar

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Cartizze Bar prides itself on being a hideaway for discerning drinkers, so all of their cocktails reach that special kind of quality. Their Martini, the Midas Martini, is particularly special as well, made with vodka, dry vermouth infused spices, orange zest and gold leaf, it is really earns its place as a good place to drink Martinis in London.

Dirty Martini Islington

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When you think of where to drink Martinis in London, there's only one bar that comes to mind: Dirty Martini. The swanky bar offers both a fun atmosphere with DJs and a fan-favourite Happy Hour, as well as a wondrous selection of Martinis. Taste the eponymous Dirty Martini or branch out into their Chocolate Martini or Strawberry and Black Pepper Martini.