Top 10 Whisky Cocktails In London

Whisky is a drink that seems to be older than time. Having graced the lips of some of the world's most iconic historical figures and leaders, it's staggering to think that this simple spirit is older than many of today's Nation States. Typical made using fermented rye, maize, wheat or barley grain, this beverage certainly packs a punch and will leave you with a warm feeling spreading through your chest. London's talented army of mixologists have really let their creative sides shine over the past few decades, producing a whole load of peaty, smokey concoctions. Here's a list of the 10 best whisky-based cocktails in London.

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Golden Sour @ Simmons King's Cross

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Beautifully decorated with a nostalgic kitschy interior and intriguing knick-knacks scattered all over the joint, Simmons in King's Cross knows a thing or two about producing delectable whisky based cocktails. Their cheekily named Golden Sour cocktail is everything you'd expect for a whisky sours with some a little special. Made using bourbon, fresh lemon and a special maple syrup sauce, it produces a brilliant taste that lingers on the tongue and tantalises your tastebuds in between sips. 

Blood & Sand @ Opium

Opium brings the mystery and inexplainable allure of the Far East to the bustling streets of Soho with their wonderful interior and beyond brilliant cocktails. Alongside a tea-themed bar, the venue boasts an array of London whisky cocktails, such as the Blood & Sand. Made using 12 year old Chivas Regal whisky, cherry heering, Martini Rosso and freshly squeezed orange juice, this creation perfectly blends a number of different flavours together and explodes straight off the palate.

The Long Scotsman @ Callooh Callay

The Long Scotsman is a cocktail that pays homage to Scotland's prestigious love affair with this fair spirit. The beverage uses 10 year old Glenmorganie whisky for a base, before infusing in spiced apricot liqueur, lemon juice, white pepper tincture and chocolate bitter. The sweetness of the chocolate and apricot exquisitely enhances the potent taste of the whisky and zesty lemon, producing an eruption of flavour and lingering after-bite. 

Robana Formula @ Purl

The team of expert mixologists at Purl Bar in Mayfair take experimenting to the next level, using a number of wonderfully bizarre methods to make their delectable cocktails. The Robana Formula is fast becoming one of their most popular drinks. Combining 12 year old Chivas Regal whisky with banana infused Antica Formula, sherry and an Ardberg mist, the intriguing combination of flavours rests delicately in one of their elegant glasses and will certainly leave you wanting more.

Bacon & Egg Martini @ The London Cocktail Club

The Bacon & Egg Martini is testament to the creative flair of London's talented bartenders and mixologists. Taking a classic breakfast dish and turning it an ice-cold cocktail is no easy feat, and yet here we are. Jack Daniels whisky is infused with bacon before having lemon juice, maple syrup, Dash Angostura Bitters and egg white added to it. Characterful and cheeky, this is one cocktail that's hard to resist.

Smokey Bob @ Hoxley & Porter

The talented mixologists at Hoxley & Porter pull and twist the classic Rob Roy cocktail out of shape, producing their own Smokey Bob concoction. Using a particularly smokey 10 year old Laphroiag Scotch to give it an extra kick, the team add Angostura Bitters and sweet vermouth to this whisky base, creating an eye-watering drink that'll definitely put a few hairs on even the bushiest chest.