Where To Watch The 2024 GAA Finals In London

For a home from home experience of the GAA finals this year, keep this list in mind when seeking out where to watch the all Ireland finals in London. Serving up traditional Irish dishes with a side of good craic, we've covered the best recommended bars to watch the GAA finals in London.

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Waxy O'Connors London

As a cosy Irish drinking hole, this is exactly where to watch the all-Ireland final in London. Set across a labyrinth of floors, Waxy O'Connors boasts six different drinking areas, all with a unique vibe and atmosphere, this London bar is well suited to any situation - and is a must visit if wondering where to watch the GAA finals in London. Book a table now to secure your place and avoid the rush. 

Brogan's Irish Bar

This Fulham pub knows how to cater for its guests, day and night. As a popular choice for where to watch the GAA finals in London, this South London pub serves food throughout the day with showings of all the important matches and live music every other Friday from 9.30pm. Be sure to get there early so as to secure your spot at this ever popular pub to watch the GAA finals in London.