Alternative Nights Out in London

Here’s one for those who like to think outside the box. If you’re not satisfied until you’ve slayed your mates at London’s first interactive darts bar, tucked into a banquet of the most creative cuisine or danced at a breathless house party atop Old Street roundabout, our list of the best alternative nights out in London is for you. Read on for the latest list of unusual things to do in London and get planning your next unique night out today.

Last updated on 9th June 2021


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Look, most of us love a glass of prosecco and going a bit crazy on cocktails in a club, but sometimes you just want to sit down and indulge in some delicious chocolate. That doesn't mean sitting at home, though, as MyChocolate offer a range of nights that takes a playful, creative, and charming chocolate creating experience.

Your mates + a darts board + plenty of drinks = a great night out; it's not rocket science. Well actually, it is. Flight Club's pioneering approach fuses real-time scoring, animated features and a slick interface to bring something completely different to London's social scene. 

@ Forbidden Nights @ Infernos on Saturday 7th August 2021 and 41 other Saturdays

Guaranteed to get you all hot under the collar and on the edge of your seat, Forbidden Nights is London's hottest male variety show held at the majestic Clapham Grand. Boasting an all-star line-up of talented performers who have been picked from across the UK, take in a live show with a Channing Tatum lookalike and an X-Factor finalist in its ranks at this classy but fun girls night on the town.

The Hackney Social

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Home to some of the best alternative nights out in London, The Hackney Social is a hub for any and all things creative. Get stuck into their roster of live events, including comedy showcases, live music, DJ nights and pop-up film screenings.

The Bat And Ball

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Dancing gets tough on the feet so having an alternative grand time is always a good idea. Look no further than The Bat and Ball in Stratford. This venue has two bars, a pizzeria, a deli, and did we mention more ping pong tables than you thought a venue could fit? The 'Games Hall' may just take center stage in your heart for a night out in London. Redefine rally at this East London nightlife alternative. Dancing will commence after victory though.

The London Cabaret Club

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The London Cabaret Club puts on one of the most unique nightlife experiences in Central London. Combining a traditionally British fine-dining experience with an innovative live show, this is a night that you won't forget anytime soon. A cast of the West End's biggest cabaret performers deliver an excellently choreographed show whilst the kitchen here rustles up a menu of truly delectable dishes.  

TT Liquor

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T.T Liquor's cocktail-making class gives small groups of mixers their very own custom-built bars to work with (alongside providing each individual with their own equipment) - so there's no taking turns here; this is two hours of continuous mixing and tasting! Master the basics before learning more complex techniques. By the end of the class, have a crack at making 'the best cocktail of the day!'

Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club

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The perfect alternative night out in London for music lovers, the Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club offers a fantastic programme of quirky events and live performances across a whole range of themes. Whether you're on the hunt for live bands, cabaret life-drawing or album launches, this Elephant and Castle venue has something for you.

Ninth Life

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Take a walk on the weirder side at this curious Catford watering hole. Inspired by festival culture, you'll find a range of unique spaces within the Tardis-like venue, as well as some immersive entertainment to keep you occupied.

  Paranormal Activity Tour

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@ Infront of Newspaper Stand Outside Farringdon Station on Friday 13th August 2021 and 31 other Fridays

Did you know that London is haunted? The city is thousands of years old and a lot of it is bloody, and with the help of some paranormal tools, you'll might just encounter ghosts, poltergeists and other weird happenings. Visit London's largest execution site, abandoned goals that house some of the most gruesome serial killers in the land and more as you uncover the paranormal side to the capital.