Weirdest Cocktails in London

If it ain't broke don't fix it? Wrong. Cover it in condiments! Throw a science laboratory at it! Freeze it, burn it, set it on FIRRRRREEE! Cocktail making gets sublime, sacrilegious and sometimes verges on the sordid all in the name of experimentation. But here's the kicker...they (mostly) actually taste great! You may not understand it but you do have to try it, so be delighted and revolted by our list of the weirdest cocktails out there. Check out our favourites when it comes to some of the most weird and wonderful cocktails in London

The Fable

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Now, you can get into a spot of bother for swallowing goldfish...but luckily The Fable gives you the opportunity to act out these strange and perverse desires in a legal and probably slightly tastier form. The Skinny Goldfish in a Bag cocktail does not include live fish and murky water but a yummy mix of gin, rhubarb bitters, pink grapefruit 'fish' and edible lily pads. 

Lost & Found

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Any Pizza & Any Cocktail

Split into playful Expedition Planning, Base Camp, Pathfinders, Explorers and Treasures sub-categories, there's always something delightfully inventive to swill at when you're drinking with Lost & Found. Tuck into a Cognac and grassy Chartreuse Green liqueur-infused Daddy's Hip Flask served in - you guessed it - a hip flask, or enjoy an Alice in Wonderland sharing cocktail that comes to the table served in a top hat!

Lounge Bohemia

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Feel deliciously weird about yourself by taking unholy pleasure in The Holy Smoke. Served in a hollowed out Bible and including cognac infused with untreated cowhide and served with frankincense and myrr smoke, it really animates the Nativity story in an unconventional light! But you know, Jesus loved a tipple. All that water into wine business wasn't solely for our benefit. 

69 Colebrooke Row

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69 Colebrooke Row is rather like an oyster itself...nothing special from the outside but hiding all kinds of exotic wonders on the inside. Hunt out the unmarked door (recognise it by the Martini awning) down the tiny Angel alleyway and sample The Prairie Oyster made from re-clarified tomato juice that looks like an egg yolk, horseradish vodka and shallots.