The modern world has brought many great inventions that have brought us closer together: the aeroplane, the internet, social media. But none have drawn two opposite worlds closer than the marriage of waffles and chicken. It shouldn’t work! Waffles are a sweet breakfast treat while chicken is a savoury lunch/dinner affair, yet with determination and culinary inventiveness the restaurants in this capital have found a way to create one of the most unexpectedly delicious brunch dishes. If you need to get that specific brinner fix, here’s where to eat the best chicken and waffles in London.

Dirty Bones, Shoreditch

Comfort food is the aim of the game of all the Dirty Bones venues and that’s no different with their chicken and waffles offering. Venture into their Grade II-listed building for a no-nonsense plate of crispy fried chicken with waffles and a shot of maple syrup (£11). But don't limit a trip to Dirty Bones with just waffles and chicken: come for the indulgent brinner pairing, then stay for their list of delicious, playful cocktails that act as the perfect accompaniment.

Best Waffles and Chicken in London Dirty Bones

The minimalist one - all the basic elements of a good waffle and chicken dish cooked to perfection.

Absurd Bird, Spitalfields

As the name suggests, you can find all kinds of crazy chicken concepts at Absurd Bird. You'll want to head down to the trendy diner for breakfast, however, so you can treat yourself to a delicious helping of Absurd Benedict (£8), which takes the concept of chicken and waffles together and runs all the way to the cuckoo nest with it. It's made of waffle, fried chicken, poached egg and a wonderful dollop of hollandaise sauce, with all the highest grade free range chicken coming from the Fosse Meadows Farm, which guarantees that tender clucking taste. 

Best Waffle and Chicken in London Absurd Bird

The full-on breakfast one: you never knew you needed chicken for the first meal of the day until Absurd Bird came along. 

Clutch, Shoreditch

Sometimes all you want in your life is some fried chicken but the need for a good Instagram shot of your summer bod takes priority. Well, Clutch pride themselves on guilt-free eating and no one in their right mind would feel guilty about their Wishbone Waffles (£13). Their giant pancake waffles come packed with buttermilk fried chicken, turkey bacon and homemade bourbon syrup. While it’s probably impossible to get a completely healthy chicken and waffle combination, this is about as close as it gets.

Best Waffle and Chicken in London Clutch

The (slightly) healthier one - you can feel a little less guilty about feasting on this. Turkey bacon is a lot better for the waistline...

The Diner, Soho

This one is all about retro American dining, coming decked out in 1950s style red booths and cool neon lights. Their buttermilk fried chicken (£11.50) is similarly retro, bringing the classic flavours of chicken – buttermilk fried chicken, bacon gravy – together with the original waffle flavours – waffles and maple syrup. Add in a bit of coleslaw and you’ve got yourself a deluxe brinner treat.

BEst Waffle and Chicken in London The Diner Soho

The throwback one - you've got all the elements you need to enjoy both chicken and waffles, and they've mashed them together.

Breakfast Club, Canary Wharf

Channelling the glory days of Northern Soul and modelled on old working men’s club (as well as the famous Wigan Casino), Breakfast Club is a must visit for lovers of quirky party venues. And it’s not just the venue that’s off-kilter – their Fried Chicken & Waffles (£10.50) come with a sporting serving of buttermilk chicken, sage waffle, grilled lemon, chilli butter, gravy and maple syrup. Sweet, spicy and savoury, now that’s a knockout flavour combination we all need in our lives.

Best Chicken and Waffles in London The Breakfast Club

The inventive one - grilled lemon? Chilli AND gravy? Sign us up right now.