Best Tasting Menus In London

There are people that love food and then there are people that Love. Food. If you fall into the latter camp you've probably found yourself ogling fancy restaurant websites dreaming up an evening of culinary excellence. Many restaurants now are taking the torture of decision-making away with dining experiences that showcase the full spectrum of flavour and finesse that these talented chefs are able to create. Luckily for you? We've rounded up the best London tasting menus that any foodie worth their salt should be checking out.

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Last updated on 22nd January 2024

Ayllu Restaurant

Central London restaurant Ayllu offers up some unbeatable tasting menus. Prices range from £30 to £65 per person, and you can get your hands on the likes of oysters, salted edamame beans, miso-marinated black cod and more at this stunning venue. 


The Taste of Trishna Koliwada menu is bringing you a five-course feast of Indian coastal cuisine from the Michelin star restaurant. Expect everything from salmon tikka to gongura lamb, all paired with fine wines to boot.

Experiences by Ibérica

If you're on the hunt for an authentic Spanish dining experience in London, then try out Iberica Experiences. This fabulous dining destination is holding exciting events where you can discover a range of delicious food and fabulous wines.

Six By Nico

A great new edition to London's tasting menu scene, Six By Nico is pairing cutting edge cuisine with theatrical themes and an affordable price tag. The menu at the Charlotte Street spot changes every six weeks, with six shiny new courses and pairing wines, all for less than £70 a head.